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April is for Afrikaans

This April eVOD is releasing its 13th locally produced movie - and this time a tale in Afrikaans to warm the hearts as the seasons change.
April is for Afrikaans

Yolanda (Lindsay Cele) holds a secret which could bring shame on her family, in a small community where everyone knows everyone’s business. She is pregnant. At 17, and this is not what she had planned for her life. Ultimately her secret is revealed, and the shame of the revelation forces her father to send her off to live with her aged grandparents in a rural Karoo town, Richmond in the Northern Cape, with a plan to secretly have the baby and then return home to finish schooling. It’s here that she meets Charl (Adrian Steyn), another ostracised teen who moved to the town after a tragic incident that killed his father – something he is blamed for. The two outsiders forge a friendship, while learning to live and to forgive themselves for the mistakes of the past.

Yolanda holds a secret which could bring shame on her family,
in a small community where everyone
knows everyone’s business.

The emotionally filled film portrays heartache, resentment, loneliness, fear, family feuds, generational secrets and ultimately love, hope and forgiveness during Yolanda’s pregnancy. The film also stars Theo Jantjies, Jacques Blignaut, Lois du Plessis, Roderick Japhta, and Carmen Maarman.

Yolanda is Swanger is available exclusively on eVOD from 18 April 2023. Catch a glimpse of the movie on

Even though the film is in Afrikaans, it includes English subtitles, so it is suitable for all audiences.

EVOD is eMedia’s online streaming platform which launched in August 2021, and allows viewers to watch movies, series, Afrikaans telenovelas, documentaries, and much more on any device, at any time. Some of the most popular movies viewed on eVOD are Piet’s Sake (starring the late Jamie Bartlett), Atlantis, Abafana Ababi, and lately Umbrella Men – one of the most recently added locally produced movies. Elif, Dr Ali, Is’Phindiselo and Housewives are some of the most viewed series – showing strong affinity for local content, and the Turkish/Afrikaans telenovelas. House of Zwide is also under the most viewed using the Catch-Up feature on eVOD. EVOD currently has over 730,000 subscriptions, and growing daily.

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14 Apr 2023 12:28