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Finding the best SEO company in Johannesburg

If you are a business owner, you know how it feels when all the business duties are waiting for your lone attention.
Finding the best SEO company in Johannesburg

Looks tough, right? Managing and running a successful business has never been easy. But we will make it easy for you to find the best SEO company in Johannesburg - because an SEO agency is your savior in this hectic situation.

Every business has one common need, and that is - marketing services. Business marketing is a divergent subject. Marketing includes all the steps to increase visibility, sales, and awareness of a brand's website. It has types - traditional and digital marketing. For these services, business owners hire a marketing agency that performs all these steps.

Johannesburg is a beautiful city located in South Africa. Despite having stunning landmarks and countryside, this city is a business hub of South Africa. So, are you a brand owner and finding marketing plus SEO Services in Johannesburg?

Burnesseo is delighted to be of any help. In this blog post, we discussed all the details about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services and the top 7 performing SEO companies in Johannesburg.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

A search engine is software through which people get the answers to their queries. You type anything in the search engine, and it shows you the relevant results. These results visible on a search engine have hierarchies due to different factors.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving the visibility and ranking of a website. This process consists of many steps - all significant in separate ways.

What are the basic types of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

A website is like your address - unique to your brand. But, if it does not rank on a search engine and no one sees it - the situation becomes frustrating. SEO is like the soul of your website. It has some basic types. Some of these are the following:

Local SEO

Judging by the heading, you might get the idea. Local Search Engine Optimisation is the process of aligning the online and physical information of your brand. It includes all the steps taken to make your audience aware of the physical location of your business and to bring local traffic to your website.

For example - your brand-related information is incorporated into Google My Business directory, and Google Maps is used to pinpoint the exact location of your business.

Technical SEO

This type of Search Engine Optimisation includes the steps related to the Back-end of your website. It is similar to On-page SEO but is directed more toward enhancing the website user experience. So, this type of optimization includes the actions like improving website design, website speed, HTTPS connection security, data analysis through tools like Google Analytics, and much more.

Finding the best SEO company in Johannesburg

Off-Page SEO

By looking at the name, you might get confused. No worries - we are happy to help you out. This type of Search Engine Optimisation involves link building (backlinks). Think of the internet as a socialisation medium. Just like people all over the world connect, websites also have a way of socialisation.

Finding the best SEO company in Johannesburg

Most of the time, two basic strategies get utilised by SEO specialists - Getting redirected links from popular websites or building a network of backlinks through social media channels. The former technique is a bit difficult as compared to the latter one.

On-Page SEO

This category is vast - including all the factors related to the other SEO categories. However, the usual meaning of this type of Search Engine Optimisation includes these strategies - Website Content, Keywords, and User Experience.

Finding the best SEO company in Johannesburg

The websites that rank at the topmost positions on a search engine have something in common. Their content is outstanding and their keyword usage is optimum. These are the goals of on-page SEO. Read the details here.

What is an SEO Agency?

Search Engine Optimisation is a subcategory under the broader field of digital marketing. It is an organisation or company that deals with online presence, online advertisement, social media management, website development, and website management of your brand. So, any digital agency that provides website-related services, and content marketing, is also called an SEO company or SEO agency.

Finding the best SEO company in Johannesburg

Average cost of hiring an SEO company in Johannesburg South Africa

When you look out for an SEO company for your brand, you seem to find hundreds and thousands of options. Every agency sets the cost according to its services and contracts. Some of them also offer customisable packages for your website. So, the cost of hiring an SEO agency varies with many variables.

However, if we only consider Johannesburg, the business hub of South Africa, the average expense of hiring an SEO company ranges from R5,000 - R30,000 per month. It depends on your preferences and budget. The more you spend, the better you get.

How to find the best SEO company in Johannesburg?

To choose the best SEO company for your business promotion, you must decide on your budget and desired services. These are the initial criteria that help you find the right option for your website. However, we made a list of factors to consider before selecting an SEO agency in Johannesburg.

Decide on the products and services

It is the initial step in the SEO company selection. Search Engine Optimisation is a diverse field - consisting of several types and services. Plus, every website has different goals - for example, the difference between an e-commerce and blog website.

So, firstly, you need to analyse and finalise the services and SEO strategy your website needs. Plus, highlight any service you want to discuss with the agency representatives.

Services specialisation

After shortlisting your desired SEO services, go through the list again. If there is a specialised SEO service, for example, content writing - you can search for an SEO company specialising in content writing. The other way - you can select an agency having the most positive reviews about this service. This way, you can choose the desired agency options more easily.

Decide on your budget

After you decide on the Search Engine Optimisation services for your brand, decide and finalise your budget. Determine the cost that you can spend on an SEO company. When you settle the expense, you can shortlist the SEO agency options more clearly.

Keep realistic expectations

Like every other thing, your experience with an SEO company might go excellent or unsatisfactory. The outcomes promised by SEO companies are mostly guaranteed because they use data-driven techniques. But sometimes, the results might not meet your expectations. So, before hiring an agency, keep it in mind & set realistic expectations.

Look for portfolio and reviews

While researching an SEO company, always look at their work portfolio and social media channels. Read out the reviews and preview their previous work. When going through the reviews, keep your priorities in mind. Filter the reviews and read them thoroughly. It might help you in decision-making.

The top 7 SEO companies in Johannesburg, South Africa

SEO companies are abundantly found in Johannesburg because this city is known for the ease of doing business - plus, SEO is the need of nearly every brand out there. By performing a web search and local search, you would find many options. We have handpicked some of the best SEO companies for your brand.

  1. Burnesseo Marketing Agency
  2. When you find an SEO company on Google, several results will appear representing different terms and words - like digital marketing, SSL certificate, and others. Confusing right?

    Having four years of experience and many happy clients - Burnesseo believes in simplicity. The moment you discover and open our website, you get to see the services we offer. Burnesseo is one of the best and leading SEO companies in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    We propose four packages to make it affordable for every brand - new or established. Our SEO services include SEO audit, GMB (Google My Business optimisation), Competitor Research, Data Analysation (Google Analytics), SEO copywriting, and much more.

    Making a choice becomes easy when trust develops between the customer and seller. Your satisfaction - is our priority. We also offer a free Search Engine Optimisation analysis for your website. This way, you can understand our SEO strategies before getting our services.

  3. Top Click Media - Digital Marketing Agency
  4. This marketing agency has been serving SEO aspirants for 15 years. They believe in providing Search Engine Optimisation services to every smaller or established brand. They focus on results, services, and price.

    They also offer short-term contracts. So, if you are looking for a specialised SEO service at an affordable price, ROI (Return on Investment), and shorter time - this agency might be the right choice for your brand. Other than that, their Search Engine Optimisation services include On-page SEO, Link Building, and Technical SEO.

  5. Wao Host Agency
  6. Having 14 years of trustworthy experience and satisfied clients - this digital marketing agency is like an all-in-one service. Besides providing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services, they also offer web design, hosting, and other digital marketing services you see on the internet.

    Their SEO services are tailored in this way so that every business can afford them. The cost of these packages ranges from R999 - R2,500 per month. The services included in these packages are keyword optimisation, Google Analytics, Google My Business Management, Link building activities, and much more.

  7. Power Web Digital Marketing Agency
  8. This digital agency is dynamic in terms of its services. They have eight years of experience in building websites and marketing services. They have built their tools and technologies to maintain the workflow and work strategies.

    The SEO services offered by this agency focus mainly on keyword research which is the backbone of On-page Search Engine Optimisation. Likewise, they also provide local, technical, and full-suite SEO services.

  9. Blink Digital Marketing Agency
  10. Google rates it as a 5-star marketing agency in Johannesburg. This company is known for its guaranteed and data-driven results. Having three years of experience, they have served many happy clients until now.

    Their Search Engine Optimisation services include local and international SEO, e-commerce SEO, app store optimisation, and much more. Besides that, their other complimentary services are marketing and brand strategies, web design and e-commerce stores, Pay-per-Click advertising, and social media.

  11. Saglotech Web Design & SEO Services
  12. Saglotech is a leading web design, digital marketing and SEO agency that provides services in Johannesburg and across the country. With extraordinary customer relationships and services, they've been serving their clients for seven years.

    They offer three affordable packages for SEO services ranging from R2,750 - R8,499 per month. These services include focused keywords, a premium SEO plugin, domain authority, backlink building, content writing, Google My Business management, and monthly reports.

  13. CSA | Shaizwe Digital Marketing Agency
  14. Assisting businesses with over 30 years of experience in digital services, this digital agency provides top-class facilities to its customers. They combine the essence of Search Engine Optimisation and data intelligence to cater to unique digital experiences for their customers.

    Their SEO services focus on the growth and reputation of a brand. These services include website audit, competitive and keyword research, content creation and content strategy, On-page SEO, Technical SEO, link building activities, and regular SEO reports.


Thus, Search Engine Optimisation is a necessity in the business world. When you hire SEO services, your business performance gets better and best with time. Therefore, if you are searching for the best SEO Company in Johannesburg, you are on the right site.

Burnesseo internet marketing service promises guaranteed results for your website. Read our details, get back to us, and be ready for an outstanding business experience.

22 Jan 2023 18:29