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The success of the All Star Gaming series

All Star Gaming is a name that is becoming synonymous with the local e-sports scene.
The success of the All Star Gaming series

Incredible Connection, a leader in tech retail, partnered with Mettlestate, Africa’s largest e-sports tournament organiser, to launch “All Star Gaming” with a range of tournaments, competitions, and supporting merchandise and products.

The All Star Gaming brand stands for the creation and development of an active, stabilised e-sports environment in Africa.

"All Star Gaming is the perfect platform for us to showcase the talent of local gamers," says Mettlestate managing director, Barry Louzada. "This partnership provides more tournament opportunities for gamers in South Africa and will help the local e-sports scene grow."

The All Star Gaming marketing executive, Stef van Deventer, elaborates on Louzada's sentiment: “With our All Star Gaming offering, we are committed to bring gamers of any age and experience level, the best possible tech and gaming experience through affordable payment options and various added value offers, with Incredible you are always in the winning seat."

The success of the All Star Gaming series

Opportunities for local gamers to take part in competitions can be difficult to find, and often these events are once off and do not repeat. All Star Gaming aims to fill this lapse in the scene.

Notable examples of brands that have created lasting e-sports opportunities in the local e-sports scene include Intel, Red Bull, and Incredible Connection with All Star Gaming. These brands have sponsored such major events as the Intel Africa Masters, Red Bull Campus Clutch South Africa, and the All Star Gaming events such as the ACC and Valorant competitions. These events continue to create unique opportunities for local gamers, presenting them with the chance to compete against some of the best players in the country and to win great cash prizes.

Globally e-sports continues to demand the attention of both its loyal fans and the general masses. Month to month, stadiums are sold out for international e-sports events with larger and larger prize pools being won each time. The players come together for their love of the games or their desire to be the best, an intrinsic desire for any competitor.

The success of the All Star Gaming series

Looking back at the All Star Gaming series, it truly has been nothing short of excellent. It all began with a shared dream: improving South African e-sports. This dream has become a reality with the tournament series’ success with loyal fans returning for different titles for their chance to win.

The All Star Gaming series has run tournaments across numerous game titles, such as Fortnite, FIFA, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Apex Legends and Valorant.

Each title brings something different to the viewers watching online on All Star Gaming’s Twitch channel.

The success of the All Star Gaming series

Each tournament has been action packed with teams going head-to-head in the grand finals, which are live streamed to the All Star Gaming Twitch. Fans come together to watch the live stream, collectively holding their breath to see who the victors will be.

The list of shoutcasters who have taken part in the All Star Gaming streams has been stacked with talent. Shoutcasting is so important for a healthy competitive esports scene. It gives an extra layer of depth to the matches, supplying much needed explanation and dialogue for the viewers at home. They break down the matches, losses, and clutch moments of each game. The pool of local shoutcasting talent in the gaming scene has included icons such as TechGirlZA , Esproxy, ThendoPlays, AndovaZA and Sheepii_ZA. All have brought their own style and flavour to the matches they shoutcast, adding a healthy diversity to the scene.

The success of the All Star Gaming series

The All Star Gaming series has been a great showcase for some of the best talent in South African e-sports. The series has presented this talent to a wider audience, and it’s exciting for fans to see everything from veteran teams to those newly formed ones competing in well-loved titles. There have been numerous veteran e-sports teams have taken part in the All Star Gaming series, such as Bravado Gaming, one of the most successful e-sports organisations in the country.

A priority for the All Star Gaming series and Mettlestate is forging a powerful relationship: one that puts gamers’ best interests at the centre of everything they do. One of the ways in which All Star Gaming and Mettlestate have done so is evident in the amazing prize pools for each tournament. From cash prizes to an amazing beast of a gaming computer, everyone’s interests are piqued.

The success of the All Star Gaming series

The evolution of All Star Gaming has been nothing short of amazing. The series of tournaments has become well established in the esports space. Gamers expect regular events and competitive opportunities, which Mettlestate and All Star Gaming are all too happy to provide.

With the continued support of this incredible community of gamers, who continuously take part in these free-to-enter tournaments, we can expect the All Star Gaming name will be widely known as one of the top gaming opportunities on the continent.

The future is bright. Mettlestate and All Star Gaming have another big tournament coming up towards the end of this year, so keep your eye out. Whether you are taking part with your esports team or watching the games from home on Twitch, make sure you do not miss out!

25 Oct 2022 14:18