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Mettlestate kicks off the third #GamersAgainstGBV campaign

1 August marks many things, but most importantly it signifies the start of Women's Month in South Africa. It's the start of dedicating a month to celebrating and uplifting Mzansi's strong women. 1 August also signifies the start of Mettlestate's annual charity campaign, #GamersAgainstGBV.
Mettlestate kicks off the third #GamersAgainstGBV campaign

Every year, Mettlestate works with local content creators and streamers in the South African gaming community to fight against gender-based violence. In the last two years, we have raised over R100,000 for organisations that help combat GBV. These content creators and streamers have powerful and influential voices in the community, so we want to use them for good and as forces of change. This campaign aims to raise awareness and financially contribute to an organisation dedicated to helping victims of gender-based violence.

This year, Mettlestate chose the Tears Foundation as the beneficiary of the initiative. Since their founding, Tears has provided direct support to 395,217 victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and child sexual abuse across South Africa, by using technology innovatively, and has reached 44 million people through public service announcements, educating on GBV prevention.

The streamers who agreed to be a part of this campaign will be streaming each day from 1–8 August. They will dedicate their stream to the campaign, drive donations, and increase awareness. Mettlestate has featured these streamers on our website and social media, directing attention to each day's streamers. On 9 August, Women's Day, all of the streamers will participate in a marathon stream between 9am and 5pm to do a final push for awareness and donations. Mettlestate will also be streaming!

The support we have already received has been phenomenal and heart-warming. Brittney Rudge, Tears’s Influencing change manager, said: "Tears Foundation feel honoured to be selected as part of this year’s event. This means that we can raise awareness to a larger audience and spread awareness. We have a vision of a South Africa where women and children are free from abuse and sexual violence. Tears aim to be an agent of transformation. It is our aim to promote positive change in societal values and attitudes, where the right to say no is upheld as a basic human right; where victims of rape and abuse are treated with empathy and dignity; where access to legal, medical and psychological support is easily available to each and every member of society, regardless of gender, race or economic status. We are an agent of transformation, restoring dignity among victims of sexual violence and rape in South Africa regardless of their gender, race, creed or socio-economic status." It is a privilege being able to work with such dedicated people!

As a leading esports organiser in South Africa, Mettlestate recognises that we are in a position of privilege. We have a lot of power to advocate for change, and every year we dedicate this energy to #GamersAgainstGBV. The purpose is to rally the community against a serious issue, and that is what we are working tirelessly to do. We are so proud to say that all streamers and content creators involved in this initiative are giving it their all.

Mettlestate would like to thank the streamers and the community as a whole for showing just what we, as gamers, can do. We hope that Tears can use the funds to assist their brave fight against GBV, and continue assisting victims.

We also want to thank Comic Con Africa and Streamer Con for sponsoring giveaway prizes!

Let’s rally together and make a difference in our beautiful country.

For more information:
Campaign information and streamer schedule
Donation page
Tears Foundation
For comments and enquiries, contact Carly on moc.etatselttem@ylrac

About Tears

Tears provides access to crisis intervention, advocacy, counselling, and prevention education services for those impacted by GBV, domestic violence and child sexual abuse, through the Tears portals. If you or anyone you know is being impacted by GBV, please reach out to Tears through the following channels:
Help at your fingertips: *134*7355#
Storefinder locator:
Helpline: 010 590 5920 (standard rates apply)
Email: az.oc.sraet@ofni
All these platforms are monitored 24/7 – 365 days nationwide, with a free service to anyone who has access to a phone.

3 Aug 2022 10:40