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Middle East consumers' most loved brands for 2022

Talkwalker and Hootsuite's 'Brand Love 2022' report leverages consumer data to rank the world's most loved brands by consumers.
Middle East consumers' most loved brands for 2022
  • Talkwalker and Hootsuite analysed consumer sentiment data for over 1,500 global brands to identify the Middle East market’s top 10 most loved by consumers in 2022.
  • Their report demonstrates that actionable sustainability is critical for connecting with today’s consumers and delivering long-term brand success.
  • The new Brand Love Index provides businesses with a measurable KPI to benchmark how much consumers love their brand.
  • The bespoke Brand Love Index includes a Customer Satisfaction score, a Passion score, and a Trust score.

Talkwalker, the leading consumer intelligence company, and Hootsuite, the global leader in social media management, have released their Brand Love 2022 report. Each year, Talkwalker uses its consumer intelligence capabilities to analyse over 1,500 brands, to see which ones are the most loved.

According to the report, Middle East consumers’ most loved brands for 2022 include Nescafé, Lexus, Prada, and more. The ranking reflects consumers’ positive experiences with each brand on social media, review sites, and forums.

With over 10 years of client research, and in-depth analysis of use cases, the index identified 3 critical scores for monitoring brand love: passion, trust, and customer satisfaction. These scores were calculated by analysing over 2.6 billion conversations from social media, news, blogs, and reviews, to identify the brands consumers really care about.

By partnering with Hootsuite, the report also includes tips on how brands can strengthen their relationship with consumers.

“This is a wake-up call for brands,” said Rami Deeb, marketing manager CEEMEA at Talkwalker. “It is risky for brands to become complacent and take consumer love for granted. This year’s Brand Love report shows us that maintaining that love requires constant nurturing and effort.”

Consumer priorities, values, and behaviours change constantly, and only those brands that are close to their consumers foresee these changes and adapt. These are the brands that are sustaining and growing their brand love. Love your consumers, and your consumers will love you.”

In the past year there was an increased focus on sustainability in the world, particularly on what impact brands are having on a social, economic, or environmental level. As many of the top 50 brands have prioritised sustainability efforts, we can see that this should not just be a consumer priority, but a critical brand strategy that can help create or kill brand love.

"As a marketer, if the past year and a half taught us anything, it’s that the traditional ways of advertising have changed drastically. Brands who put authenticity and courageous creativity at the core of their plans are the ones who generate the most brand love," said Maggie Lower, CMO, Hootsuite. "This year's Brand Love report features shining examples that we can all learn from of how companies are innovating and connecting with their audience in different ways to build loyalty and affinity."

To discover more, download the Brand Love 2022 report here.

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10 Jun 2022 11:45