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Let SLiMS take your products to market

All businesses - ranging from small to large - begin with an entrepreneur who has a great idea. Usually, that idea is for a product that solves a problem or meets a market need. The entrepreneur might have the technical expertise to design and manufacture a great product, but the secret of building a sustainable business lies in getting that product to a customer base.
Let SLiMS take your products to market

This is a stumbling block for many entrepreneurs because it is an entirely different skill set. Without a specialist partner to take the product to market efficiently, many businesses fail at an early stage.

Enter SLiMS, or Specialist Logistics and Innovative Merchandising Solutions – a one-stop solution for logistics, merchandising and marketing. SLiMS offers businesses of all sizes an integrated logistics solution for getting consumer-packaged goods to retail outlets and to consumers’ doorsteps. This includes outbound and product-specific inbound/full return logistics and serialised upliftments.

By leveraging the countrywide footprint of more than 3,000 retail outlets through the On the Dot distribution network, the largest consumer media network in South Africa, SLiMS provides specialised merchandising services tailored to every client’s needs. Whether a business is struggling to achieve a coherent distribution strategy through multiple service providers or requires greater brand awareness through activations, street-pole advertising campaigns and digital solutions, SLiMS has the experience in routes to market.

The last mile can be the most challenging part of running a business in South Africa. As a one-stop solution provider, SLiMS removes all the pain points and offers:

  • B2B and B2C consumer deliveries
  • Collections or exchange service from and to B2C
  • Next-day service to metro areas and economy service for national regions
  • Online track and trace functionality
  • Electronic proof of delivery that includes GRV/N, claims and invoices
  • Special logistic requirements catered for
  • DC deliveries

SLiMS provides logistics software platform that allows clients web access, tracking and tracing, as well as digital signature on delivery using geolocation. There are a broad range of client system integration possibilities to facilitate electronic updates.

SLiMS has developed a proprietary Android merchandising software platform to handle all tasks and activities, providing detailed monitoring of retail activities based on geolocation and customised reporting including physical photos of all tasks and activities undertaken.

This solution also offers on-shelf placement, category management, brand visibility and availability, stock counts using bar code scanning as well as providing in-store and call centre capabilities to assist with sales and order-taking.

To assist with promotion and advertising, SLiMS offers access to digital marketing channels as well as out-of-home media, in-store promotions, mall activations, loudhailer activations and even street postering.

In an age of consumer convenience via digital channels, SLiMS also provides an e-commerce solution to sell directly to customers. An online store and courier platforms are all highly customisable to meet clients needs and product categories.

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19 Apr 2022 12:53