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Why pet insurance is so important

Budgeting for a new furry family member may seem easy: Once you've paid for the initial vaccinations, microchipping, and sterilisation, your long-term budget will likely only include the standard monthly expenses like food, tick and flea control, and training or day care.
Why pet insurance is so important

Unfortunately, life has a way of throwing you curveballs when you least expect them.

Your pet could contract an illness at any point of their lives through contact with an infected animal, a parasite, or eating something they shouldn’t. Even changing weather conditions could lead to a serious case of pneumonia.

Accidents are less predictable, even if you take every necessary precaution. Animals are curious critters and all it takes is a split second where you (or they) aren’t paying attention for them to run into the road, take a devastating tumble, or get attacked by another animal.
You can’t plan for all of life’s curveballs, but pet insurance can.

Similar to medical insurance for humans, pet insurance protects your furry, feathered, or scaled friends – and your bank balance. When you sign up with SA’s #1 trusted pet insurer* from only R82 per month, you can go to the vet with peace of mind knowing they’ll reimburse you within 48 hours for vet bills resulting from accidents, health scares, check-ups, and more**.

“As an insurer that really cares, we’re always looking for ways to make veterinary care more accessible to South Africans. Our pricing options reflect the financial realities of our country, so we’re proud to offer pet insurance plans that start from less than the price of a takeaway pizza each month,” says chief operating officer David Roache.

When you buy a pet insurance policy online, you aren’t just protecting your own pets – you’re uplifting animals across the country. Every time someone buys a pet insurance policy online, donates a portion of your first premium to feeding a shelter puppy at the Animal Anti-Cruelty League (AACL) – at no extra cost to you.

The benefits that make up their range of plans include:

Accidental Cover

Veterinary services expenses incurred for the diagnosis and/or treatment of your pet’s accidental injury.

Illness Cover

Cover for vet bills arising from the treatment and/or diagnosis of an illness.

Third Party Liability

This cover ensures you’re not held liable if your pet injures or damages someone else or their property.

Wellness Benefits

Vaccinations, heartworm, faecal testing, deworming, microchipping, flea control, nail trimming, elective sterilisation/neutering, dental check-ups.

Hereditary Treatment

Cover for vet bills resulting from hereditary illnesses.

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*As rated on at time of sending for publication.
**T&Cs apply. Risk profile and policy dependent. Subject to plan selection and reimbursement is subject to submission of a valid claim.
Dotsure Limited (Registration number 2006/000723/06) is a licensed non-life insurer and authorised financial services provider (FSP39925).

21 Oct 2021 13:39