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Maintenance tips to keep your cylinder clean

Barloworld Equipment understands that keeping your worksite productive at the lowest possible cost is your goal. Taking this goal into account we want to share some cylinder maintenance tips with you to achieve just that. We all know the importance of regular maintenance and the disastrous effects of not doing regular maintenance on your machines.
Maintenance tips to keep your cylinder clean

Cylinder maintenance is key to ensuring that the hydraulic system functions seamlessly and efficiently. It is therefore imperative to have an effective hydraulic management system in place to help keep your machines operating optimally. The effect of cylinder maintenance is reduced downtime and lower operating costs.

Maintenance tips to keep your cylinder clean

Preventive maintenance reduces repair costs and unnecessary equipment purchases. To assist you in managing your hydraulic system, here are a few tips to keeping your cylinder clean and operating efficiently:

Check hydraulic fluid levels daily. Preventive maintenance is better than reactive maintenance.
Check for leaks and damaged hoses daily. Fix leaks immediately to avoid unplanned downtime.
Follow the recommended oil/ filter change intervals to protect your engine from damage by removing impurities such as dirt, oxidized oil, metal particles etc.

Even well-managed hydraulic systems eventually need service, and when that happens you can trust us with the best repair options, service expertise, and the best parts in the industry. It is our goal to help you get back to work faster as we are invested in your success.

As always Barloworld Equipment is a partner behind your success, which is why we want to help you keep your equipment maintained and efficient. We hope this article was helpful and provided you with the information you needed. If you have any other questions or would like to discuss your options, talk to one of our experts today.

4 Feb 2022 15:53