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Wi-Fi-enabled spaza shops

Research done by Keys Communications in partnership with Ask Africa and TGi shows that the most trusted out-of-home media for advertising by township residents is the township informal retail and point of sale.
Wi-Fi-enabled spaza shops

Popularly known as The Spaza Shop, our data also shows a significant index to legitimise this finding.

South Africa has over 200,000 spaza shops, and Keys Communications has access to a significant database of this very important township point of sale, which adds well over R100bn to the total South African economy, and a third of the total grocery sales in the country.

The most common reaction amongst those who see spaza shop branding, is to post and share what they see on social media sites, which shows evidence to the importance of shopper engagement elements such as the inclusion of Wi-Fi on fully branded spaza shops in South African townships.

See some of our Wi-Fi-enabled spaza shops, fully branded with Unilever’s Knorrox Soya Mince around South Africa.

A special shout-out to Knorrox Soya Mince for taking full advantage of this very compelling insight.

For more information on available spaza shop opportunities and other shopper engagement platforms, drop me a DM.

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20 Dec 2021 08:44