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Come walk with us and watch your brands grow...

Township communities are highly pedestrian, research done by Keys Communications in partnership with Ask Afrika (Pty) Ltd Target Group Index shows that walking is by far the most prevalent mode of transport eKasi as Township communities juggle the realities of commuting and public transport on a daily basis.
Come walk with us and watch your brands grow...

By sheer nature of their strategic placement and size, Township Wall Media/Murals always on eye-level, and walking the streets of South African townships is akin to walking the aisle of a Superstore which immediately places you on a shopper and consumer dimension, enjoying product information and brand news at eye level.

We all know the one principle of visual merchandising that states that Eye-Level is Buy-Level, because products receive most attention and traction at the lower shelves.

This just shows the power of advertising on Township Wall Media/Murals as one of the most powerful and engaging platforms on the ground, which passes as transactional advertising with the highest potential for conversion rate by those walking the streets.

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15 Dec 2021 11:35