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Bernini launches #WeAreWomen campaign with brand ambassador Linda Mtoba

The team behind Bernini - SA's much loved and only Natural Sparkling Grape Frìzzante - has recently launched their new #WeAreWomen campaign aimed at driving female empowerment, in partnership with their new brand ambassador, Linda Mtoba, and a squad of South African Glow Getters.
Bernini launches #WeAreWomen campaign with brand ambassador Linda Mtoba

Women in South Africa are unique in the challenges that they face and in how they overcome them. Throughout our country’s history, we have seen many shining examples of extraordinary, resilient, intelligent, and beautiful women who have unceasingly demonstrated growth and helped pave the way for other SA women to be the best versions of themselves, whilst improving the lives of others and their communities.

The newly launched #WeAreWomen campaign by Bernini is not only about recognising that we have a greater purpose than ourselves but, by putting that into practice and welcoming women who are ready to embrace their multi-faceted influence, through the power of a supportive female network.

“It has been said, that when women come together, change happens. Female empowerment can be seen as a way to promote a woman’s self-worth and her ability to make her own choices. One of the best ways to empower one another is through positive affirmations and the power of the collective,” says Bernini marketing manager Tania Kotze.

“It is because we are women that we can be anything and do anything. We are real, natural, and sparkling just like our grape Frizzante range of Bernini. When we as women come together, we can do exceptional things. Build each other up, start businesses, build communities, and defy expectations,” adds Bernini brand ambassador, Linda Mtoba.

Positive affirmations are very influential because they release you from the exhausting feelings of fear, worry, and anxiety. When these affirmations are repeated over and over again, with time they begin to take charge of your thoughts, whilst slowly changing your pattern of thinking for the better.

As part of this campaign, Bernini will be rolling out a variety of purposeful initiatives over the next few months aimed at women helping women. These include the Bernini Squadcast, a platform for open, honest conversations with confident, empowered SA women. And Bernini supports and funds a One Voice SA Training Programme, to empower 1090 SA Women with Entrepreneurship and Workplace Preparedness Skills, enabling Financial Freedom and Upliftment.

“Through the #WeAreWomen campaign Bernini aims to empower SA’s multi-faceted women to turn positive affirmations into powerful purpose driven action,” concludes Kotze.

Bernini is a grape-based, ready-to-drink alcoholic brand produced in South Africa using only the finest quality ingredients. This premium RTD range is currently available in three natural sparkling grape frizzante variants – Classic, Blush and Amber.

Visit the Bernini Facebook page or follow Bernini on Instagram @BerniniSA and Twitter @BerniniSA.


Bernini supports responsible drinking and encourages all South Africans to consume alcohol responsibly. Alcohol Not for Persons under 18 years.

Bernini launches #WeAreWomen campaign with brand ambassador Linda Mtoba

About Bernini:

Bernini is a real Natural Sparkling Grape Frízzante for women ready to embrace their power, with the courage to be true to themselves. #GlowUpOnOurWayUp with Bernini Sparkling Grape Frizzantè. Available in Blush, Classic, and now also Amber (275ml NRB, 440ml CAN and 250ml CAN).

15 Feb 2022 13:56