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Wavemaker's Data and Analytics Department introduces digital solutions pillar

Wavemaker, a global leader in media, content, and technology services, is proud to announce the establishment of its digital solutions pillar within the Data and Analytics Department. This new pillar will serve as the preferred source for analytics and digital data, offering innovative services to empower brands and drive growth in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

The digital solutions pillar is committed to delivering exceptional value to clients by analysing and creating digital insights across various specialist areas such as social media, search and e-commerce. It provides a wide range of services, such as social listening services, website and app performance analysis, digital PR reporting, social media influencer marketing, gaming, and digital research intelligence. By leveraging technology and a team of imaginative and inquisitive millennials, this pillar is set for success.

"At Wavemaker, we believe in the power of digital platforms to communicate ideas and influence consumer behaviour," said Kholofelo Makgopa, pillar lead of digital solutions. "Our team is passionate about exploring the limitless possibilities that these platforms offer and identifying new opportunities for our clients to drive growth and navigate the digital landscape."

Kholofelo Makgopa, pillar lead of digital solutions
Kholofelo Makgopa, pillar lead of digital solutions

The cornerstone of the digital solutions pillar is positive provocation, a philosophy that encourages the team to challenge conventions and spark innovative ideas. By combining their expertise in digital analytics with a deep understanding of consumer behaviour, the group aims to help brands effectively communicate their ideas while driving tangible results.

The digital solutions pillar comprises a dynamic team of specialists, including Daniel Thobejane and Khanyisa Ndlebe, who bring their support and expertise to ensure the success of every project. With their self-motivation, creativity, and eagerness to learn, the team is well-equipped to deliver game-changing insights and competitive intelligence to Wavemaker's clients.

Daniel Thobejane
Daniel Thobejane
Khanyisa Ndlebe
Khanyisa Ndlebe

"With June's youth month upon us, I am thrilled by the growth and possibilities our Data and Analytics Department offers young people," added Makgopa. "Leading and collaborating with this vibrant, forward-thinking team excites me." "Our objective is to establish the digital solutions pillar as the foundation of Wavemaker's digital data and analytics offerings."

The goal of the digital solutions pillar is to offer Wavemaker's clients unmatched digital marketing intelligence solutions by collaborating with strategists, creatives, and other digital experts. The team is committed to providing game-changing insights and assisting organisations in thriving in the digital age by leveraging the newest technological tools and a love for innovation.

19 Jun 2023 11:11