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How to double your audience in a year: 4 secrets by Briefly News

According to IO Technologies, Briefly News had over 123 million total pageviews in 2020, more than doubling the 60.7 million pageviews in 2019 despite pandemia and partial market crises. This is an average of 10.3 million pageviews per month.

So, what are the most successful strategies to attract more readers (and customers) despite any uncertainties?

How to double your audience in a year: 4 secrets by Briefly News

Always dive into analytics to understand your audience

To grow the audience you have to firstly learn who they are. Track all the indexes that affect users’ behaviour. Have a crystal-clear picture of exactly who you're targeting:

  • How do they find your company;
  • What makes them choose you and stay with you for years;
  • What prevents them from picking you over competitors.

Always rely on data rather than your own assumptions.

Briefly News was able to double its figures in one year thanks to data-driven solutions used daily to guide content strategies, audience preferences and topic ideas. Editors pay close attention to pageviews, time on page, recirculation and the engagement rate.

These and other metrics help us understand readers’ needs better and adjust our content strategy accordingly. For example, in 2020 we’ve added new content categories such as Covid-19, Proudly African news, US Elections and Education.

Treat your social media followers as your family

The times of simply increasing the numbers of followers are long ago. Building a community around your brand will be the new trend of 2021.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the right places to receive feedback from your audience. Never miss this opportunity, reply to all comments and messages. Also encourage people to communicate on your pages.

On Briefly News' verified Facebook page we boast over 1.2 million followers. We communicate with the audience as humans and always bring our loyal readers the news they want to read.

Our Instagram page connects people with inspirational stories, latest and most trending topics, accompanied by beautiful visuals. Emotional content strategy helped us to see subscriber growth of 277% in 2020. Now our Instagram account @brieflynews has 37k followers.

Appeal to emotions with each piece of your content

When creating any content about your brand, always remain human. Don’t communicate with your audience like a robot. In these tough pandemic times we all need some positive posts. And yes, this is the reason why positive content becomes viral.

As the most popular South African news and entertainment platform, Briefly News had an array of successful articles, from breaking news, viral challenges to entertainment news.

Here are some examples of articles that had almost a half million of pageviews.

1. SA outraged by man fleeing after filling up petrol: “A whole Mercedes”

South Africans were not happy when a man fled from a petrol station without paying for fuel.

Readers couldn’t believe the audacity of the driver. One of them commented:
"Disgusting act by the driver and sadly the petrol attendant is going to get deducted for that petrol bill. We as drivers need to start to be more responsible."

2. "Can your dad fight?": SA reacts to stunning 45-year-old mom

Mzansi men were queueing for a beautiful lady after her daughter posted the pic of her online. A top fan on Briefly News’ Facebook page commented: “I can also be a stepfather at 21 yhuu.”

3. SA hilariously reacts to meat price blunder: “The blood of Jesus”

Our readers aren’t always serious. Sometimes they love laughing at absurd things too.
Like when a local grocer accidentally priced meat incorrectly. Six little lamb chops were priced at over R700, which was obviously a mistake.

But many South Africans couldn’t let the chance slip to have a little fun, like Greer Wilson, who commented: “Would have to be gold plated at that price.”

Grow a team of superstars

We don’t know what 2021 is preparing for us, but a strong team is a true key to success. Never compromise by hiring the wrong person and be generous in investing into your staff’s professional growth.

One day you can completely change the direction of your business (we all remember Kodak’s pivot to pharma). But with a team of A-performers, you will be ready to face any challenges. This is why it is important to invest enough time into detailed interviews and checking creative tests tasks that showcase the true skills of the candidates.

Without a talented, motivated and dedicated team of journalists, Briefly News would not be where it is today. We are proud to stick to strict standards and policies, in turn bringing our readers verified, factual and newsworthy content that strives to enrich their lives.

How can Briefly News' success translate to great advertising opportunities?

Thanks to its usage of data-driven solutions, Briefly News is always ready to share golden insights about the market and your campaign’s performance.

We apply unique advertising formats and are ready to experiment by using native advertising, rich media and other interactive tools. We treat each client individually, placing your KPIs as our highest benchmark.

If you would like to advertise on Briefly News, please contact:

Email: az.oc.ylfeirb@yelulc.ettenair
Call: +27 82 787 1055

How to double your audience in a year: 4 secrets by Briefly News

1 Mar 2021 13:15