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UpBeet Digital - The new digital agency with deep industry roots and delicious fruit

The digital agency to build and evolve brands while transforming business, UpBeet Digital, was born at the start of 2020, in a world of rapidly sprouting digital advertising space. Founders Terrence Michael and Diane Woodhouse combined 26 years of expertise in the industry, as well as hundreds of successful campaigns to launch an agency that praises integrity, performance and trailblazing through the new uncharted world that is digital advertising.
UpBeet Digital - The new digital agency with deep industry roots and delicious fruit

Built on the belief that a deep understanding of the business and its industry and surrounds is key to success, profit and market dominance, the agency offers highly skilled, experienced and specialised marketing and media services to maximise return on investment, improve business performance and establish your brand.

Whether your company is in need of a digital marketing strategy to guide, support, inform and help your teams achieve your goals and objectives, an effective multi-fold PPC campaign, a data-led social media campaign to convert followers to customers  or a winning SEO strategy complete with competitive analysis, targeted recommendations and custom reporting to improve and increase your online presence, UpBeet Digital has the solution for your brand and your business.

More of our award-winning tailored strategic services include:
  • SEO
  • SEO Auditing
  • Premium Digital Media
  • Digital Consulting
  • Digital Marketing Consulting
  • Business Consulting
  • Marketing, Social, Business and Media Strategy - From full 360° strategy to channel and objective-based strategies
  • Website Development and Design
  • Media consulting
  • Media implementation:
    • Social Media
    • Google Paid
    • Display
    • Programmatic

We also offer end-to-end campaign services, using world-class technology and tools to monitor, report and evolve campaigns often leveraging tech (including tv-syncing, in-channel take-overs and some of the best reporting tools) when needed, and our creative team is fully equipped with designers, developers and content producers to provide your company with a strong, data-led and insight-based campaign.

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