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Cornerstone Institute Celebrates Women's Month with the Holistic Wellness Women's Empowerment Cocktail Evening

On Thursday, 31 August 2023, Cornerstone Institute celebrated the Holistic Wellness Women's Empowerment Cocktail Evening.

This evening showcased a rich tapestry of insights and inspirations, with contributions from remarkable pioneers in their fields. Notable figures included Prof. Mamokgethi Phakeng; Ndileka Zantsi, CEO of French South Africa Tech Labs; Zaida Frank, Operations Manager at Autism Western Cape; and the visionary Dr. Marianne Louw, Executive Dean of Cornerstone Institute.

Cornerstone Institute Celebrates Women's Month with the Holistic Wellness Women's Empowerment Cocktail Evening

Drawing in over 200 attendees, the event served as a powerful reminder and call to action: collaboratively addressing biases and advancing towards an equitable society where stereotypes are dismantled in favour of a more inclusive, holistic approach in our work environments.

Key Takeaways from the Evening’s Dialogues

Dr. Marianne Louw stressed the significance of empowering individuals to strengthen the mutual bonds within a community. She delved into the concept of workplace spirituality, covering aspects such as a sense of community, purpose, belonging, work-life balance, and supportive leadership. Dr. Louw emphasized holistic treatment and highlighted that recognizing employees as human beings can enhance productivity in the work environment.

Ndileka Zantsi championed a leadership style focused on creating opportunities for others, emphasising the importance of noticing and responding to the needs of others.

Prof. Phakeng shared her inspiring experiences from her ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro, emphasising her commitment to supporting significant causes. She encouraged women to break free from gender stereotypes and urged them to dream without bounds. Phakeng’s motto, “I do hard things,” firmly reinforced her stance against tokenistic gestures and underscored the importance of addressing systemic issues like patriarchy, extending beyond Women’s Month.

Zaida Frank, a tireless advocate for autism rights, emphasized the importance of adopting inclusive perspectives. She championed the idea of recognising the intrinsic humanity of individuals with disabilities beyond any labels.

Our heartfelt gratitude extends to our distinguished speakers and partners: SPUR, Igugu Lentokazi Wines, ABSA, Idwalalethu Foundation, and Oxford University Press Southern Africa. Collectively, their support amplifies our mission of hope, strength, and empowerment for women everywhere—special commendations to our program director, Olwethu Nodada, who eloquently facilitated the evening.

The Institute also appreciates the CI community and various teams who worked tirelessly behind the scenes. CEO Basier Dramat encapsulated the sentiment perfectly, saying, “The event’s success is a testament to our team’s dedication.”

The Holistic Wellness Women’s Empowerment Cocktail Evening was more than a celebration of women; it was an ode to institutions and trailblazers echoing our vision of holistic well-being and women’s empowerment.

1 Sep 2023 10:29