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Dealer of the Year: JB's Nissan Malmesbury

We recently spoke to Daniel Prins, DP of JB's Nissan Malmesbury, which won the Dealer of the Year award within the Large Town category at the annual Nissan Ignition Awards for a second time running.
Dealer of the Year: JB's Nissan Malmesbury

We asked Prins how he and the team won this award and how they have adapted to the new Covid-19 world.

Pinewood DMS SA: What are the criteria that you need to fulfil to win this award?

Prins: Each department is assessed individually on a quarterly basis, assessing the dealer’s standards (building, data capturing, etc.), their targets, their progress to achieving those targets and their customer satisfaction. Department assessments are then measured together to stand a chance of winning the award.

Pinewood DMS SA: What have you done to ensure your winning streak?

Prins: Structure is very important to the team at JB’s Nissan Malmesbury. The structure becomes routine. At the end of the day, we are here to do the job for the business, our clients and to make sure that we serve the customers and that they are happy and experience a very nice family feeling.

Pinewood DMS SA: Since you have joined the JB’s Nissan team, what values and processes have you implemented to maintain a high performing team?

Prins: Customer focus and service is the key – ‘selling happiness’. Believing in the product, the structure and the service and having loyal and experienced team members who know the brand, the customer and the business all assists in maintaining a high performing team. It is important that customers believe in us and we believe in ourselves.

Pinewood DMS SA: How critical are your people and how critical is technology in your dealership, and why?

Prins: Our people are the most important part of the business. The team is just as good as the weakest link, so our staff are encouraged to believe in themselves and believe in the systems that are put in place and we achieve this by applying ‘consistent gentle pressure’.

Customer integrity and going the extra mile for our customers is also very important to us and technology enables us to do this.

Pinewood DMS SA: What role has Pinewood DMS played in your dealership?

Prins: Pinewood DMS has played a huge part in marketing our services to get the workshop back up and running after the lockdown. It is just amazing what we can do with Pinewood DMS, just to connect with the customers, to make sure where we are, what’s happening and that everyone knows that we will be okay.

Pinewood DMS SA: How has JB’s Nissan Malmesbury managed the recent Covid-19 lockdown (from being on full Level 5 lockdown, through to Level 2 and 1 regulations)?

Prins: For JB’s Nissan Malmesbury, staying within the regulations from day one has been very important to us. It was important to make sure that we followed the right procedures and that our staff and customers were made to feel safe within a clean environment.

Optimising our digital marketing also played a big role in managing the recent Covid-19 lockdown, to make sure that our customers were made aware that we were open, what we could do and how we could assist.

Pinewood DMS SA: What does JB’s Nissan Malmesbury do differently to keep their customers coming back?

Prins: Customer integrity and customer service is the most important for us. Every transaction made needs to be a win-win for both customer and business. You make life so much easier for us to stay connected with the customers and to make it personal.

Supporting the community as much as possible is also very important to us as well as our staff. Maintaining quality and skilled staff is a priority.

Well done to Prins and the team at JB’s Nissan Malmesbury. #PinewoodDMSFamily

9 Nov 2020 14:05