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Pinewood SA moves training fully online with launch of e-learning

The increasing demand for self-paced learning calls for a different method to conventional classroom training. Pinewood Technologies has launched an online training platform, allowing users to learn at their own convenience - wherever they want, whenever they want.
Pinewood SA moves training fully online with launch of e-learning

Keith Magill, COO at Pinewood SA, explains how e-learning has transformed the way people learn:

"This year has highlighted the importance of pivoting one’s business and service offering to online delivery. This coupled with the importance of ensuring each and every Pinewood DMS user is effectively and efficiently utilising the system to carry out their job, we have developed a Pinewood DMS e-learning platform. E-learning will replace our historic classroom-based sessions, and will become the primary method of training users going forward."

"There are many benefits with the introduction of our e-learning platform, and amongst other important points, will allow users to follow a structured course at their own pace and at their convenience, all whilst being able to easily track their progress. We currently have 25 courses available across all the fundamental areas of the system, and plan to release a further 25 in the upcoming year."

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29 Sep 2020 13:20