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MediaHeads 360 MD talks to T'Bose on Kaya FM

On 3 July 2019, in the Kaya FM Outside Broadcast van, live from the largest conference in Africa - Radio Days Africa, @tboseZA had a chat about radio dramas with @mediaheads360 MD, Candy Dempers. Candy talked about the name change from RadioHeads to MediaHeads 360 as well as the relevance of radio dramas today.

T’bose: Why the name change?

Candy Dempers: We relaunched our brand in February this year. It was a transition from a pure radio focus as we didn’t want to niche ourselves too much. Over the last couple of years, we have moved into a more content marketing space and across multiple platforms, this has also been as a result of the demand from a client perspective. We have moved more into the TV space as clients are looking at tactical and disruptive content marketing campaigns which can transcend across TV and radio. When we made this move, we had to look at our name, and change it appropriately, as a result we are now MediaHeads 360.

T’bose: Of course, because you are more media than you are just one particular platform. This leads me to the next question, what do you have in your bedroom?

Candy Dempers: I have a radio, of course, no TV unfortunately, neither do my kids, much to their dismay.

T’bose: With regards to Radio Dramas, you make radio dramas and we grew up listening to them. Why do you think they are still relevant?

Candy Dempers: Radio is the original storyteller and radio dramas are very relevant in people’s lives. They touch the heart of communities. Brands have a story to tell and a lot of information to communicate to their audience. It is a soft form of content marketing. In a 30 second spot, you can’t convey a whole lot of information nor show the listeners how to use a product; how it fits into their lives or how to build it into their socio-economic environment. That is what dramas allow clients to do.

T’bose: So basically, it’s a radio soapie, that has commercialisation, where you strategically place brand products and people listen, and they become interwoven into their lives.

Candy Dempers: That’s right! But it must be authentic, and you still need to have that one on one communication with your audience and it must resonate with their lives. To give you an example, we have worked on radio dramas for numerous clients, particularly one that stands out, is one for South African Reserve Bank. South Africa has been plagued with phishing scams and The South African Reserve Bank decided to do something about it. They talked to the communities very openly about the phishing scams, what was happening and how to prevent it. They talked about it in a community setting, using characters that resonated with the community, you didn’t have to like all the characters, but they were characters that you could relate to. Through this they were able to convey and educate the community about phishing scams, how not to be taken up in the scam, and if you were, how to deal with it. A lot of good comes with the commercial dramas that we create.

T’bose: Basically, it is a sign that radio is still that relevant companion to have and the beautiful thing is that it becomes part of your background. Do you think that it will still be relevant in 20 years from now?

Candy Dempers: Yes, I think so, it might take a different shape or form. If you compare radio dramas from 10 years ago to today, they have different layers that have been added to them. With the rise of social media, this element has now been built into the commercial dramas that we produce. For additional recall and notability, we build in a competition mechanic that drives engagement for clients. So, there are numerous things that are going to change as radio progresses and as creators of content we need to innovate and add new platforms to our work. Radio is no longer just an FM medium, so changes need to be brought into the radio drama series as we progress.

T’bose: This is the MD of MediaHeads 360, Candy Dempers and we are talking about the fact that they are making radio dramas and how they are becoming part of our everyday listening. Which is something that I find fascinating, that we have these radio dramas because that really used to be the theatre of the mind in its truest form, listening to these stories and you would create your own images about it.

Candy, all the best and I know that you are still going to have a workshop here today. Is there anything you want to share regarding what you are going to be covering?

Candy Dempers: Very much around the radio drama and how content marketing has evolved into this commercial space. In addition, how you can use radio dramas effectively to talk to your communities, as well as how to structure your message so that it is conveyed authentically. We are also going to have some fun with the audience and engage them in a live radio drama.

T’bose: Oh nice! For anyone listening and want to use your services, where do they go?

Candy Dempers: Our website is or social media platforms @mediaheads360.

T’bose: Candy Dempers, all the best!

Candy Dempers: Thank You!

Radio dramas have long been part of the success in engaging and entertaining audiences. It is no doubt that radio shall continue to get better and with additional elements that encourage a direct approach and audience engagement – communities will always be the heart of the story.

10 Jul 2019 11:04