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RadioHeads' name change activates, captivates and amplifies

Specialist radio marketing agency, RadioHeads today announced it will be changing its name to MediaHeads 360 to reflect the company's integrated communication approach.
RadioHeads' name change activates, captivates and amplifies

“For some time, we've been very proud to have offered our clients a complete 360 solution knowing all too well that a name change at some point would be inevitable, perhaps up until now, it's been one of our best kept secrets! The trend and quest for media innovation through new technologies and platforms continues at pace in our world of ever evolving integrated content marketing. Our new name MediaHeads 360 positions us for growth and better aligns to truly reflect our full range of established competencies and services" said Candy Dempers, MediaHeads 360 Managing Director.

A subsidiary of African Media Entertainment (AME), RadioHeads, was founded in 2005 to leverage years of radio expertise and media relationships to deliver innovative and disruptive media solutions. In the process, the company would often employ all-inclusive solutions that would partner radio with television, social media and influencer marketing to name a few. “Over the years, we found that our ability to combine platforms for clients, has not only enabled us to deliver better return on investment but also allowed customers, suppliers and stakeholders to fully connect and actually immerse themselves into campaigns through multiple touch points. As MediaHeads 360, we will continue to use this full circle approach to deliver innovative seamless content marketing that speaks to audiences across multiple platforms,” added Justin Keats, MediaHeads 360 Sales Director.

The MediaHeads 360 name change follows the November 2018 announcement that the company appointed Candy Dempers as its new managing director. Dave Tiltmann, AME Chief Executive Officer, commented: “This truly is an exciting time for us, RadioHeads have been a strong player in the media space for years, and the new name, fresh leadership and dedicated team will ensure our continued growth and expansion.” Dempers specialises in programming and content integration strategies across multi-channel platforms and has been a key driver of the MediaHeads 360 repositioning.

MediaHeads 360 will offer integrated communications solutions that include radio, television, activations, research and campaign tracking across platforms.

Dempers added, “We are excited to offer clients completely integrated solutions including tactical TV campaigns together with radio campaigns, social media amplification, influencer marketing and on-the-ground activations as we continue to transform, grow and develop efficient marketing campaigns for our clients.”

18 Feb 2019 10:14