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Embracing AI to elevate account management: A new era of strategic excellence

In the ever-evolving business landscape, the advent of generative artificial intelligence (AI) has sparked widespread discussions about the future of various job roles. Among these, the role of an account manager has emerged as a topic of intense scrutiny, leading to a critical question: Can account managers thrive in the era of generative AI?
Bongani Chinkanda, managing director at Bravado
Bongani Chinkanda, managing director at Bravado

The unequivocal answer is 'no', but that’s not to say you have no future. Let's unpack this a bit more.

If your identity as an account manager is synonymous with routine, minimalistic efforts, and a tendency to operate as a mere conveyor of documents – a paper-pusher – the introduction of generative AI poses a threat to your professional standing.

In a realm where AI systems can seamlessly handle repetitive tasks and streamline operations, the days of mechanically inserting briefs into systems devoid of strategic insight are numbered. Generative AI is adept at tackling administrative chores, data input, and even generating preliminary reports, rendering redundant the role of an account manager who merely skims the surface.

However, this should not trigger alarm bells for those who've sensed the winds of change and have consequently elevated their professional standards. If you identify as the kind of account manager who adds substantial value, a strategic collaborator rather than a mere intermediary, your role isn't just secure; it's primed for growth.

A clarion call for strategic excellence

An exceptional account manager, especially in the realm of generative AI, embraces qualities that can set them apart. They don the hat of strategic thinkers, artfully weaving insights from industry trends and emerging technologies into their client interactions. They transcend their role of 'account manager' to that of 'strategic business partner', offering advice that extends beyond immediate project scope, contributing to the client's long-term success.

A standout feature of an accomplished account manager is their willingness to hold clients accountable to their KPIs. Going beyond being passive implementers, they are active enablers of progress, ensuring that each engagement propels the client toward their goals.

The capacity to push back when necessary is yet another pivotal trait. Exceptional account managers harbour the courage to challenge client assumptions, guiding them away from misguided strategies and toward more effective solutions. This ability underscores their commitment to tangible outcomes, not mere checklist fulfilment.

A true account management virtuoso operates as a protector – safeguarding not only their team's interests but also nurturing the client's ultimate success. They bridge gaps, troubleshoot challenges, and facilitate seamless communication, cultivating an environment where everyone thrives.

Incorporating AI for enhanced efficiency

Interestingly, recent developments highlight how AI, far from replacing account managers, can be harnessed to amplify their capabilities. For instance, Microsoft's introduction of the AI-powered Copilot to aid in generating text, tighter briefs, and summarising tasks aligns seamlessly with the attributes of an outstanding account manager. The synergy between human strategic thinking and AI-assisted efficiency highlights the untapped potential within this evolving landscape.

Additionally,'s visionary approach to integrating AI into its platform showcases the symbiotic relationship between human insight and AI support. Their strategy to enable developers to craft AI apps on the monday WorkOS emphasises the cooperative future of human-AI collaboration.

And it’s exciting!!

The rise of generative AI is reshaping industries, including the role of an account manager. While AI may take on routine tasks, it can't replicate the nuanced decision-making, emotional intelligence, and strategic depth that exceptional account managers offer. For those aiming to transcend mediocrity, for those aspiring to be strategic partners rather than transactional intermediaries, the era of generative AI presents a realm of unprecedented opportunities.

Seize the moment, cultivate your skills, and evolve – the future belongs to the account managers who dare to rise above and become indispensable assets in a rapidly transforming world.

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16 Aug 2023 13:45


About the author

Bongani Chinkanda is managing director at Bravado (A Brave Group company).