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Momentum and Brave Group deliver a giant TVC

Momentum has launched their latest TVC as part of the Forces of Momentum campaign. Produced by the Brave Group and partner agencies, the advert shows that when the brand and its clients combine forces, the power and momentum created by that union is a force to be reckoned with.

The message is brought to life through the story of a giant who struggles to find his place in the world, until a lifelong friend gives him advice on how to not just fit in – but excel. This culminates in the giant not only finding his true strength but discovering its power for good.

“The two main characters in the TVC are representatives of the potential of all our clients, both current and future, and how with the right adviser, they can accelerate their financial goals to greater heights,” says Charlotte Ntsubuga-Mukasa, head of Momentum brand marketing.

“There’s the expected or the unexpected road to take – we chose the unexpected road,” said Nontokozo Madonsela, group chief marketing officer at Momentum when describing the company’s approach to developing the TVC with Brave Group.

“We as Brave Group exist to create brave brands, and we believe that being brave is not just what you say and do, but how you think,” adds Vanessa Pearson, executive creative director at Brave Group. “It is a privilege to work with a client like Momentum, who not only buy into our philosophy but trust us to deliver truly impactful work. We are very excited about what’s coming next,” Pearson concludes.

14 Apr 2021 07:53