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ATKASA celebrates 13 years as a leading digital agency

Our story began in February 2009 inside a home garage with only 1 staff member "the owner".
ATKASA celebrates 13 years as a leading digital agency

In the years that followed we constantly evolved our very nature as an agency to achieve amazing results for clients and ultimately, built an agency that is renowned for exceptional service, delivering no matter what and always putting our customers first.

As a leading agency, we never expected overnight success, yet we knew long term success is the key to building the passionate and market leading agency we are today. The very name of ATKASA was built on the notion that dreams do in fact become reality.

Dreams are manifested when executed, the journey of a decade is always underestimated yet the journey of a year is overestimated. Our journey across the marketing space has been a trial-and-error journey, which dials back to the fact that we're an agency built by people and not just contracts. We pride ourselves on the way we build relationships with our clients as their successes are ours.

The marketing industry is a fast-growing industry with new competition appearing every day. How we've managed to navigate and stay ahead is by staying true to our promise and delivering on our client's vision for their companies and brands. Inevitably opening a whole new world of opportunities to them.

Final words from the managing director - Leon Marinus

"Wow! 13 years is something truly incredible. As an independent agency that started from nothing, this is something truly special. There are so many memories evoked by looking back at where we have come from and where we are now.

Over these past 13 years, we've built so many amazing relationships with clients that trust us as their go-to marketing partner, we thank you for your support and trust in us. We look forward to another 13 years of building and growing brands and relationships together.

To my amazing team - past and current, THANK YOU!, without all of you, nothing would have been possible. I started as a young man in a garage, to now having a team of over 25 professionals and our very own amazing agency offices. You all are part of this journey and together we will achieve so so much more in the future.

Here's to our next chapter!"

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3 Feb 2022 12:11