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Pistol + Honey Digital Agency are celebrating their first birthday by giving back to their clients who have made their first year of business such a success.
“Our first year has gone by in an absolute whirlwind as we have grown and increased our digital service offerings,” says Managing Director, Chloe-Simone Hofmann. “Rather than celebrating with an office party, we have decided to thank our clients for their constant support by gifting them on our birthday.”

The digital agency has come up with the novel idea of working a 24-hour day, where they provide each of their clients with free videos, digital photography, content marketing and digital services as a thank you for their business over the past year. They have called their birthday campaign: #24HourWorkDay

While most businesses celebrate their anniversaries by having a party, Pistol + Honey are celebrating their clients instead. “We absolutely love digital marketing - we live it and breathe it,” Chloe-Simone said. “The first year of a new business is always an intense time as you build up your client base. We wanted to find a way to thank our amazing clients who enable us to do what we love every day and who have supported us as we build our dream agency.”

This small and passionate agency are intent on celebrating their clients and the growth in their businesses since working with P+H. Their goal: to be a part of their clients success stories. Achieving this goal over the past year for them means providing their clients with even more value - 24 hours of it! “We don’t see our agency's birthday as being about us, but rather about celebrating those who we work with and whose brands we are so excited to be a part of.”

Pistol + Honey are inviting other businesses to join in their #24HourWorkDay #WeLoveOurClients campaign and nominating others to do the same and honour their clients in this way. Their 24-hour work day will include Facebook Live videos and updates as to their progress and sneak peaks into the projects they deliver on the day. For more information and to be a part of this event, contact Chloe-Simone Hofmann on .

4 Sep 2018 13:14