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Grow with digital solutions

It brings Pistol + Honey much pleasure to present to you Pretty Bright Girls (PBG).
PBG approached us at the beginning of this year (2018) and asked us to partner with them by marketing their brand. As a new small business their marketing budget was humble, but their story was so irresistible we could not turn down the opportunity to tell the world about PBG.

Grow with digital solutions
As the managing director of Pistol + Honey, I have a firm belief that it is not the marketing budget that determines the greatness and success of campaigns. In fact I will go as far as to say that big budgets often lead to lazy marketing. Marketing PBG has taken a good understanding of the target market, the competitor landscape and well thought out, engaging strategies that harnesses several digital touchpoints.

A month into our first campaign with only R500 spent on advertising, PBG’s online sales had increased by 45%

Eight months later PBG is growing from strength to strength: their marketing budget has increased enough to allow us to include additional activities, their online presence has strengthened dramatically, they have several more stockists across the country and their online sales are growing.

A key ingredient we have leveraged throughout this process has been their beautiful and compelling brand story.

PBG formed when Pretty, a 31-year-old domestic worker with a natural knack for business, approached her employer Pippa with an idea. Pretty wanted to wear something different to work. She took a dress design to Pippa to show her what she’d like to wear. Pippa thought it was beautiful and so did many of Pretty’s friends.

There are over one million domestic workers and nanny’s working across South Africa. With the help of her employers Pretty and two of her friends Brightness and Ntombi set out to add beauty, brightness and sophistication to every home privileged enough to have the help of a domestic worker or nanny through their colourful workwear.

These are the stories of the truly remarkable #LadiesBehindTheLabel

Pretty (31), is a strong and independent woman from Isipingo. She is an integral member of her family and with her domestic worker salary has supported her two sisters and their children. She has a strong business mind and has chosen to hold back on a family of her own as she is adamant to create a better life for herself and for those who already rely on her.

Brightness (25) is a mother to a beautiful little girl. She is a nanny to a two year old and worked previously at a nursery school. She has a great command of languages and good computer skills. She is organised and meticulous and has become a strong and eloquent voice in the business both verbally and behind the computer.

Ntombi (46) (which means “girl” in Zulu) is originally from Zamampilo but moved to Durban to be a live in nanny. She is an incredible networker with good business ideas and a sound understanding of the importance of marketing.

With the help of their business partners, these ladies have used their natural attributes and grown their skills to become the proud owners of a flourishing business. A business that directly empowers the beautiful and strong women who work in our homes, look after our children and who have become part of our families.

This traditionally inspired, stylish, comfortable workwear is bringing brightness and beauty to homes all around South Africa and it is Pistol + Honey’s privilege to be a part of their success story.

20 Aug 2018 15:17


About the author

Chloe-Simone Hofmann is the Managing Director of Pistol + Honey.