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Leveraging the Power of Video + Stories

If you have spent any time on social media over the last 18 months, you would have noticed that there is a lot more video content being promoted than ever before. In addition to this, we have seen an increase of video based apps, such as Snapchat and live video content, such as Facebook Live.
Leveraging the Power of Video + StoriesYou would also have noticed a second trend that aligns with this; a movement away from the overly-curated “picture perfect” content that used to be so
popular. Instead there is a pull towards the instant, right-here-right-now content that is dispersed on Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories as well
as other platforms such as Snapchat and WhatsApp Statuses.

If you’re not throwing your brands metaphorical hat into this ring of live and real content leveraging stories and statuses, you are missing out. On a lot of
exposure. Big time. Like really a whole heap. As in you should get onto this chop-chop. Seriously. Be like Nike and “Just Do It”.

Last year it was estimated that video accounted for about 69% of consumer traffic on social media. I was reading an article yesterday that said the figure
will be closer to 85% by the end of this year (2018).

Gone are the days where static, boring posts are acceptable for your social media pages. Brands are now required to "up their social media game" and
provide their followers with more exciting visual content. Pictures, infographics and videos keep users on your page much longer than just plain text.

Video content increases interaction with your followers and provides you with exciting and varied content. It is also important to be aware of algorithm
updates, which place a higher emphasis on visual content rather than just keywords. What this means, is that when boosting/sponsoring your social
media posts, video-based posts will be favoured and given more reach and views than the equivalent value boost of non-video posts. In essence - you
get more social media bank for your buck when posting videos.

We are aware that videos are more expensive to produce than still images. We would recommend squeezing that budget to create at least one video for
each season. Chat to your digital agency about how to allocate your budget to ensure producing video content appears in your budget.

By employing the use of live videos, you are able to elevate interaction with your followers and receive additional feedback with the audience. Live videos
are ideal for "how to" and "usage" topics. It also allows you to leverage off another current digital trend of "Breaking the Silo's (another trend you should
most definitely take advantage of). Video content provides you with the tools to cement your perception of being an expert in your field and solidifies
your position in social media.

When it comes to our clients social media, we place as much emphasis on their Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories and live material as we do their
additional content. If you are not doing this, you are losing an entire audience who purely peruses stories. Don’t be a bore-y, use them stories!

For expert advice on how to leveraging videos, live content and
stories, get in touch with us:

Editorial contact
Chloe-Simone Hofmann (Managing Director of Pistol + Honey)

3 Apr 2018 15:18