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Your Brand's Digital Voice

It is estimated that a person sees 4000 advertisement for brands every day. This compared to 500 ads 50 years ago.
Your Brand's Digital VoiceWith so many messages and brands fighting for attention - how do you make sure yours is heard amongst the crowd?

This is probably our favourite question to be asked, because this is exactly what we do for our clients, make their message stand out and their businesses voice be heard above the noise.

Today we are sharing with you 3 of the key pointers in helping your business achieve just this.
      Define your target market + further narrow it down into precise audiences
        Keep your messaging clear and on target
          Make use of multiple platforms and touch points
Lets take a more in-depth look at this.

1. Audiences:

Much of your marketing success can be attributed to the audiences you select for your ads. To create a well defined audience, start by defining your target market. Then look at the specific material you are looking to advertise and further narrow your target market into an audience that your material will be most effective and impactful for.

Let’s apply this to an example; say I am marketing a clothing boutique that targets both men and women between the ages of 18 - 65. In this specific advert I am promoting more conservative ladies wear. I would then only promote this to women between the ages of 45 - 65 for optimum effect. This may sound very obvious, but 99% of businesses use the same target market for every ad they release and do not further refine these into specific audiences for specific ads.

2. Messaging:

We all have a lot to say about our businesses. And we all want to tell the world everything it is we do. This is great. You are proud of your business or the brand you manage and want to share it with the world - go you!

It is important to remember that digital media is all about providing people with “bite-sized” chunks of information. If you provide more than that you will lose the interest of those seeing your ad. You have less than a second to grab their attention. Stick to one small topic at a time, ensure your message is largely visual with a short piece of supporting copy.

If we look at my business as the example for this point, I offer multiple different services pertaining to digital marketing. I can’t advertise these all at the same time because it will be an overwhelming amount of information and the length of copy will leave my audiences running for the hills (or scrolling on past). Instead of this, I break up my offerings into bite-sized segments that people can relate to: websites; social media; design; electronic newsletters; sms campaigns; SEO; Google Ads and so on. This provides my audience with “easily digestible” nuggets of information to educate them about my business and what services I offer.

3. Platforms:

In order to solidify your message it is important that you have it on more than one platform. The higher the variety of platforms used, the more authenticity this brings your message. People are more likely to remember things they have seen across multiple touch points.

If we look at this in a practical way, if I am marketing a restaurant and we have a special on offer - I will ensure this messaging is carried out over a number of touch points. Let’s take a quick look at a few of these: I’ll promote the ad on Facebook; I’ll put together something visual for Instagram about it; I’ll add a table talker ad about it on each table in the restaurant; I’ll post adverts about it onto neighbourhood Facebook groups; I’ll let the relevant local media know about it; I’ll encourage patrons who have enjoyed the special to rate us online and to tag us in their social media posts relating to the special (user-generated content) and if I have a database of email addresses or cellphones numbers, I will either send out a mass mailer or shoot them all a quick sms.

In such a way, our audience will be reminded over and over again of this special from multiple touch points and voices (user-generated content) in several different places and will be far more likely to remember the special and get excited about it from the hype we have created.

If you have worked with us before, you will be used to us quoting that “marketing is both a science and an art”. You need to ensure the correct calculations and formulas are applied to your campaigns in order to create the effect you desire; but you also need to be creative and appeal to your audiences in a way that they can relate to, that will express your business well and will catch their attention.

If you would like Pistol + Honey to assist you with your businesses marketing and get your message heard get in touch with us. We would love to be part of your brands success story:

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