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Grid drives brand culture with G in Culture

It's noisy out there. So much happening, in such a huge world; so much news, information, data, content, always on, 24/7. So much stuff fighting for our attention, every second, every minute, every hour, of every day... And that's without the ad breaks.
At Loeries 2017, Grid Worldwide launched G in Culture, which is an expression of our culture and our philosophy. We are inherently disruptors in nature with our maverick leadership approach that “impossible is nothing”, constantly pushing the creative boundaries and vision for Grid Worldwide as a Culture player.

“Once upon a time, brands competed against similar brands, in the same category. Coke vs Pepsi. McDonalds vs Burger King. There was a time and a space for advertising, and consumers were all ears. But that time has passed.” Explains Nathan Reddy, founder and chairman of Grid Worldwide.

Today, we live in a category of one. It’s every brand for itself, fighting to be heard above the clutter of every other brand, and every other voice. There is no space for advertising, and consumers have tuned out.

Adam Byars, CEO and Partner at Grid Worldwide, describes “If you want to be seen, if you want to be heard, you have to be relevant. And you can’t be relevant if you’re not plugged into the world around you, if you don’t know that KFC has run out of chicken, or that Kylie Jenner doesn’t use Snapchat anymore, or that Black Panther is taking the world by storm.”

...It’s just one way Grid is living in culture. Because brands can’t live in a bubble.

G Insights. G In Culture. GRID.

19 Mar 2018 09:30