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Another year of changing lives

We enter 2019 with vigour and great excitement for yet another year of fueling the human flame at Varsity Cup 2019. We kicked the ball off with a beautiful launch to this year's tournament, at Crown Plaza, Rosebank, Johannesburg.
Another year of changing lives

This year's tournament promises to be yet another heart-stopping, gritty affair with the best in varsity rugby teams going head to head for the victory. It goes without say that such a tournament would not be successful without some of our notable sponsors, and to name a few, Steers being there to keep fueling the human spirit, on and off the field. We look forward to exciting moments at the games with the famous "Build your burger" and the meals you get to enjoy while you watch the action on the field.

A new addition to the tournament, is the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, a foundation that seeks to bring awareness to the case of children who drown each year in South Africa, with the support of Ryk Neethling – award-winning South African swimmer. The foundation and Varsity Cup have partnered and together they will spread this message for safer swimming conditions for the children.

We thank Varsity Cup manager Xhanti Lomzi-Nesi for ushering us into the Varsity Cup tournament by sharing with us that: “Varsity Cup is about the community, not just a game. It wouldn’t be as big without the legs that keep us going. The driving force of media that seeds the tournament out far and wide connecting to young people in need of a scholarships, helping them further their education."

Steers, the rock the tournament leans on, comes in this year's tournament with an addition of The Kinging Award, which will be awarded to the man of the match at each game.

It is quit evident that Varsity Cup truly thrives at making a difference and changes lives. 2019 we set to be on the fields, game after game making sure we are making history moment after moment.

29 Jan 2019 13:28