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Record results for AutoTrader, SA's leading online vehicle marketplace

Latest web traffic statistics from Effective Measure reveals that AutoTrader has retained its position as South Africa's favourite online marketplace for new and used vehicles.
Record results for AutoTrader, SA's leading online vehicle marketplace

According to the audience measurement company’s data, AutoTrader saw more than 2.2 million worldwide unique visitors in February - growth of 14% versus February last year.

AutoTrader not only continues to deliver quality conversions, but also continues to see substantial growth in engagement.

“The AutoTrader App also ranked number one in the country for the site with the most page views generated per visit which was just under 32 pages per visit; and it ranked third overall with an average visit duration of 10min per visit,” advises Greg Mason, Regional Lead - Sub Saharan Africa for Effective Measure. “This illustrates how engaged and involved the visitors are."

This comes after AutoTrader reported record-breaking 19% year-on-year growth in January which saw the business send almost 300,000 in-market-car-shoppers to dealers across the country.

“While traffic is an important measure, it’s not the only place our value lies,” AutoTrader CEO George Mienie says. Instead, the business focuses on quality conversions — an area where it also continues to grow. “To run a successful business — one that satisfies buyers and sellers — you need the high traffic volume to consistently translate into engagement and quality conversion.”

Independent research by TNS Global shows that AutoTrader drives the most quality leads. Dealers maintain that walk-ins are the most valuable kind of lead and for AutoTrader customers this is attributed to easy access to sellers’ contact details on their website - the auto vertical delivers more walk-ins than any other auto marketplace in South Africa.

It’s this kind of consistent growth and conversion that’s kept the business at the forefront of South Africa’s auto industry for 26 years; and why the online marketplace continues to deliver high-quality leads to its dealer clients.

AutoTrader has been South Africa’s leading digital destination for vehicles since it launched its online marketplace in 1998. The site catalogues vehicles from more than 70% of the country’s dealerships, giving users a choice of more than 80,000 vehicle listings.

16 Mar 2018 16:03