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FlySafair flies the flag for South Africa in recovery

FlySafair is upheld as one of South Africa's most affordable and reliable carriers. Regardless of the challenges, this airline continues to deliver affordable and reliable service for both travellers and cargo. Here's what FlySafair's doing to keep things ticking over during tough times.
FlySafair flies the flag for South Africa in recovery

Introducing new routes

With many of South Africa’s stalwarts grounded, FlySafair is forging new routes around the interior. Now travellers can embark on FlySafair flights from Cape Town to Bloemfontein and back, twice a week.

Fights take off on Fridays and Sundays, featuring exceptionally low and affordable rates. On Fridays, FlySafair’s FA840 heads out from Cape town at 07h00, to arrive in Bloemfontein at 08h35. On Sunday, FA 841 leaves cape town at 11h15 arriving in Bloem at 12h50, with a second flight, FA 843 reversing the route at 13h30.

According to FlySafair’s chief marketing officer, Kirby Gordon, domestic carriers are key in the recovery of the airline industry, by offering travellers more flexibility to counteract ongoing hindrances.

In this way, FlySafair hopes to make a significant impact on the recovery of the travel industry, and the economy in general.

There’s a high demand among the medical, law, education, and agricultural sectors for the Cape Town to Bloemfontein route. So, the new flight helps ensure these professionals get they need to be in these critical times.

What’s more, by opening new routes, the airline instils confidence and entices people to travel which are both factors that the airline industry need desperately right now.

FlySafair flies the flag for South Africa in recovery

Fulfilling needs and forging ahead

FlySafair’s long-term vision is vital to getting the beleaguered airline industry back on track, yet the airline has also shown its ability to adapt fast in response to unique South African situations.

The recent disruption in the supply chain between KwaZulu-Natal and major destinations, led to critical food and fuel shortage across the country, and FlySafair was quick to respond.

They wasted no time stepping in to assist with transporting goods safely via air, by scheduling extra flights in and out of Durban during this difficult time.

This incident has highlighted a need for extra seats and cargo capacity in and out of Durban and KwaZulu-Natal. It’s a need which FlySafair addressed quickly and decisively.

Not only did the airline offer space in the belly of its planes for transport much needed supplies, but staff rallied together to assemble donations of essential goods, like food and medicine, for those most in need.

These actions have once again proved FlySafair’s commitment to regrowth and progress in the county, beyond its usual efforts to provide affordable and reliable travel on all its domestic flights.

Efforts to move goods are being coordinated through central charitable organisations with capacity to collect items on the one end and securely deliver them to those in need within KwaZulu-Natal.

Keeping the economy rolling

All credit goes to FlySafair for surging forward at a time when airlines across the globe find themselves grounded or floundering through the pitfalls of business rescue.

The airline has also honoured flight credits of more than R106 million since the start of lockdown, enabling passengers who had to cancel their travel plans to rebook new flights with the refunded flight value.

In light of the unpredictable nature of travel FlySafair had made permanent changes to their refund and cancellation policy which now gives passengers the option of wallet credits on all airfares should they need to cancel a flight.

If businesses across the country can follow the lead of this forward-thinking airline, by taking opportunities where they present themselves, we’ll all be back on our feet a lot quicker.

6 Aug 2021 15:56