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Catch a Lift on South Africa's newest airline

After a nationwide competition in which the organisers had to sift through 25,000 entries, a clear winner has emerged. South Africa's new airline will go by the name, Lift. The new carrier stems from a collaboration between Global Aviation and the founder of, Gidon Novick.
Catch a Lift on South Africa's newest airline

Something new in the air this season

Lift is based on the rideshare concept which has transformed the transport industry and spilled over into the domain of charter jet hire in recent times.

It’s easily the most innovative answer to domestic flights South Africa has to offer and it could be taking off from an airport near you soon.

A team effort

Getting the public to name the airline was a risky, but attention-grabbing marketing tactic that’s brought the fledgeling carrier to the attention of the whole country.

The entries contained a mix of names with a local flavour pop culture, and puns. Some of the best ones were:

  • DjyRyNie
  • Gravy Plane
  • Venga Airways
  • Lekker Airline

ight people suggested the name, Lift, and will share the prize valued at R480,000. This ploy’s only the beginning of the tricks up the sleeve of this new airline.

Bold moves in troubled times

Novick’s determined to get the airline off to a fresh start by hiring only top industry talent and keeping costs low. At a time when the travel industry as a whole is struggling to get back on its feet, Novick’s boldly going where few will dare to tread. Will it work?

So far, so good.

For starters, the operating cost of Lift’s all-Airbus A320 fleet is about 30% lower than existing operators. It’s also entering the market in a time when the competition is floundering under the burdens of a devastating year, with airlines all over the world facing closure.

Comair is currently grounded, and SAA isn’t expected to emerge from its problems before 2021.

Great timing of Lift’s inevitable take-off

Lift also arrives just in time for the long-awaited relaxation of travel restrictions and a public that’s ready to spread their wings after months of stay-at-home restrictions. The busy December holiday period certainly won’t harm the proceedings either.

So, with sunny skies up ahead, Lift is preparing for launch within the next few weeks. The website’s ready to go, crew are in training, and the aircraft are undergoing their pre-flight preparations.

The booking system’s coming along, and Lift’s marketing team are busy working on all the hoopla surrounding Lift’s imminent take-off.

The first flight will be heading out between Cape Town and Johannesburg as soon as possible, just in time for the seasonal festivities.

On a grander scale

Right now, the South African economy can do with a lift. It’s encouraging to see businessmen willing to take a chance on travel advancements and building the economy.

Hopefully, Lift will be the first of many innovations to come from South Africa’s vast pool of talented and skilled entrepreneurs.

5 Nov 2020 12:18