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Car rentals on the road again with superior safety precautions

Thanks to stringent lockdown measures, South African travel's been at an all-time low. Yet, as these sweeping regulations are eased, car rental agencies aren't taking any chances.
Car rentals on the road again with superior safety precautions

Stringent safety measures for car hire Companies

There’s no doubt that domestic airline travel and car hire go hand in hand. Business travellers rely on rental cars to get around once they’ve landed at their destination. For starters, this single-passenger mode of transport’s far safer than other options like shuttle buses or ride-share offerings.

It’s not wholly without risks though, so car rental agencies have put several far-reaching health and safety measures in place to protect their customers and their industry.

For example, customers renting an Avis car have little to fear from a health perspective thanks to the following initiatives:

  • All vehicles undergo thorough cleaning before and after each rental with specifically selected anti-viral disinfectant.
  • Intense emphasis is placed on sanitising high-contact areas like steering wheels, dashboards, cup holders, centre consoles, hand-operated vehicle controls and door handles.

assenger numbers are limited according to the type of vehicle you hire.

Chauffeur driven services are still available

Good news for those who may not know their way around their destination is that you can still make use of Avis chauffeur services subject to stringent safety measures.

If you’re an essential worker or have permission to travel, you can hire a car with a driver provided you wear a safety mask.

Chauffeur services are available between the hours of 5am and 7pm.

After your drive, these cars undergo the same cleaning and sanitisation as the other rental vehicles. You can rest assured that Avis staff are thoroughly informed about all necessary safety protocols, undergo regular health screenings and are committed to your safety as well as that of their co-workers.

Returning your rental vehicle

When you return your vehicle after use, you’re asked to remove all your personal belongings as well as any rubbish. Staff will greet you wearing masks and gloves and send the vehicle for immediate sanitisation.

All invoices will be sent via email to the address provided, or you can retrieve your invoice from their website within 48 hours after returning the car

Visiting a rental car provider

The commitment to safety continues when you visit a car hire branch or airport kiosk.

All employees wear masks and gloves and are secluded behind a safety screen. Customers entering the premises have their temperatures screened at the door, adhere to social distancing markings when queuing, and hand sanitisers are freely available.

For now, most rental agreements are paperless, and agencies encourage online bookings.

Travelling safely in South Africa

Thanks to these measures, customers can continue to enjoy all the perks of getting around by means of a rental vehicle. The only difference is that with less cars on the road, it’s bound to be even more convenient than before.

The car hire industry’s only a small portion of travel as a whole.

Yet, it’s good to know that these service providers are doing all they can to keep the wheels of the economy turning. They’re fully prepared to get local and international travellers back on the road when travel restrictions start to ease further.

6 Aug 2020 16:34