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Know your visa costs to these popular destinations in 2019

While popular domestic airlines continue to offer affordable domestic flights across South Africa, if you plan to travel internationally on a South African passport anytime this year you'll need to include your visa costs in your budget. The UK Home Office has recently announced its 2019 visa fees. The fee increases are not significant, but there are marginal changes to the 2018 fee structure.
Know your visa costs to these popular destinations in 2019

Breytenbach Immigrations Specialists offered an official statement related to the UK increases: “We are delighted to inform our clients that for most visa applications, there will be no fee increases.”

For now, South Africans visiting certain parts of Europe still require a Schengen visa. This is a short-stay visa that grants access to Schengen Areas for up to three months, either for holiday or business purposes. This is the most common visa type with millions of travellers using it each year to travel across Europe. Conveniently, there are currently no border constraints within the Schengen zone.

According to Business Tech, the 2019 costs for new short-term visas are broken down per country.

*The costs stated below are based on the exchange rate for March 2019 and are for the visa only. The rates don’t include any additional collection costs.

Europe and the United Kingdom

With a Schengen visa South Africans are granted access to 26 members of the European Union including four countries from the European Free Trade Association.

The price of a Schengen visa may vary depending on the destination, and the age of the applicant.

  • Applicants under the age of 12 years pay R567.
  • An adult short-stay Schengen visa (less than 90 days) costs just under R1,000 while the fee for a long stay, 90+ days is R1,604.
  • South Africans travelling to the UK on a short-term visa must include separate private medical insurance.
Visa typeCost (SA rands)
6 months (visit)R1,792
2 years (visit)R6,810
5 years (visit)R12,356
10 years (visit)R15,506
Private medical treatment (up to 11 months)R3,584
Short term student visa (up to 6 months)R1,830
VisaCost (SA rands)
Tourist visa (3 months)R1,418
Working holiday (6 months)R5,370
Student visa (varies)R5,826
Temporary work visa (short stay specialist)R2,888
New Zealand
*immigration levy included.
Visa typeCost (SA rands)*
Visitor visa (up to 9 months)R2,070
Student visaR2,894
Temporary work visaR4,562
Limited visa – seasonal work visaR3,188
United Arab Emirates
Visa typeCost (SA rands)
Tourist – short term (30 days)R1,475
Tourist – long term (90 days)R3,040
Tourist – long term (multiple-entry)R7,410

Whether you are planning a long, or short-term trip, it’s always a good idea to check with a reputable travel professional that you are applying and paying for the correct visa for yourself and if necessary, your family. Nothing can ruin a trip quicker than being held for hours at airports because you don’t have the correct documentation to enter the country.


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3 Apr 2019 13:50