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Overcome your fear of flying with Mango and a few extra tips

Most people are a little anxious about flying, but when a fear becomes a phobia, it can cause problems when the only option to seal a business deal, visit a family member, or fulfill a dream to travel the world, is to get on a plane.

Luckily there is professional help available as well as some tips you can use to calm your anxiety, and never miss an opportunity because of a fear of flying.

ango Airlines regularly hosts Flying without Fear courses designed to help people overcome their fear of flying, also known as aviophobia. The one-day workshop is hosted by motivational speaker Damon Beard, along with a team of two airline captains and a clinical psychologist who provide you with all the tools and techniques you need to stay calm when flying anxiety kicks in.

Allow yourself enough time to get to the airport

If you’re already nervous about flying, then the stress of potentially missing your flight, or having to rush to board, can wreak havoc on your anxiety and the mechanisms your body has in place to cope with distress. Ensure that you have plenty of time to get to the airport considering traffic levels or any unforeseen delays.

Choose water instead of coffee or beer

Alcohol, flying, and caffeine all have dehydrating effects on our bodies. When we get dehydrated, we become lethargic, and our brains struggle to process information efficiently. While it may be tempting to have an alcoholic drink to calm the nerves, it could make matters worse. Drinking water will keep you hydrated and lower any additional spike in stress levels associated with these.
Caffeine can increase anxiety levels, so even if you didn’t sleep well the night before, caffeine might help you stay awake but won’t help lower your stress levels.

Practice breathing exercises

When we are anxious, we tend to breathe shallow breaths that increase our stress-levels. Taking deep breathes increases oxygen flow and tricks our body into believing that we are in a relaxed state, as we are when we are asleep. Even if you have never practised meditation before, it can help just to close your eyes for a few minutes and focus on regulating your breathing and being conscious of the breaths you take in and out.

Talk to the people who know best

Flight attendants and pilots (on Mango Flights in particular), are highly-experienced when it comes to air-travel and will be able to address your concerns in a professional manner. When the flight is not busy with boarding, speak to one of the flight attendants who have the training to help nervous flyers and, in many cases, will be happy to chat to you and discuss the pilot’s credentials and reassure you that you are in safe hands.

Choose your seat carefully

In some cases, anxiety may come from a fear of claustrophobia on a plane. Booking yourself an aisle seat allows you to get up and move to the bathroom or even just to stand up for a few minutes, or get a cup of water if you need to. It also is much easier to distract yourself by facing away from the window if you are worried about heights.

Make sure you check-in online early to book an aisle seat. Be aware that while it may be tempting to reserve a seat with extra legroom, often these seats are where the emergency exits are situated, and you will be asked to help with emergency procedures if necessary, which may not help your anxiety.

Keep calm and book a Mango flight

Practising our tips, taking the Flying without Fear workshop and booking Mango flights will get you across the country safely and conveniently. Conquer your fear of flying and never miss another great opportunity to travel.


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8 Jan 2019 17:19