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18 packing tips that will ease your luggage woes

For the seasoned traveller, smart packing is an art that can take years to master. But with just a few great travel tips and packing tricks, you can master the art of cheap flights and be all-weather-ready without weighing yourself down with unnecessary baggage.
18 packing tips that will ease your luggage woes

  1. Make a comprehensive packing list that also lists possible outings and activities. Even if it’s just for a weekend trip.
  2. Put out all the items you think you might want to take and then put half of them back in your cupboard. If your suitcase is crammed full of items, then you’re not packing smart. You won’t need even half of what you think you will.
  3. Roll, don’t fold. Rolling your items serves two purposes. The items stack in a way that saves a lot of space, and they will be a lot less crumpled when you arrive at your destination.
  4. Choose a neutral colour palette and brighten it with different coloured accessories like scarves. It makes it much easier to mix and match your outfits.
  5. Pack what you would normally wear. If jeans are your everyday staple at home, then pack a few pairs. Don’t suddenly assume you’ll want to wear dresses and heels, or blazers and pants just because you’re in a foreign country. You won’t.
  6. Avoid bulky shoes like knee-length or hiking boots just to look the part. In almost all settings you will be able to get away with wearing much less cumbersome footwear. Even if you will actually be hiking or horse-riding.
  7. Avoid getting everything in your suitcase dirty by covering the bottoms of your shoes with disposable shower caps.
  8. Fill all the empty spaces. Roll underwear, socks, and hairbrushes into your shoes.
  9. Use scented dryer sheets in between items to keep your clothes smelling fresh on long trips.
  10. Don’t have your items confiscated at check-in. Only take the required amount of liquid on flights and check and double-check that your nail scissors, tweezers and other important, but sharp objects are not in your hand luggage to avoid having to replace them.
  11. Add an extra layer of cling film under the lid of your liquids to prevent any leakage.
  12. Buy a lightweight suitcase. Hard-shell suitcases may look like they are protective and secure, but they’ll add 4kgs to your luggage before you’ve packed a single item.
  13. Pack hand luggage carefully. Make sure you have all the essentials as well as an extra layer of clothing and an extra pair of clean underwear, just in case your luggage gets lost for any period of time.
  14. Don’t allow yourself to add extra items in a last-minute panic. Allow yourself enough time to edit your packing and only do it once.
  15. Reduce the need to pack warm bulky items by layering your clothing. This allows a lot more wardrobe and weather versatility than packing a huge coat.
  16. When packing for kids think practical over cute. Dark clothing hides stains and needs less washing than light colours.
  17. Always carry a small sewing kit with you in case of the need for a quick button replacement or ripped seam repair.
  18. Domestic Flights South Africa have different baggage allowances so check yours and weigh your suitcases and then weigh them again before heading off to the airport.

ugging heavy bags around is the least enjoyable part of any trip but packing light and smart will change the way you experience travel and may even encourage you to do it more often.


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4 May 2018 15:04