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Eight things to remember before catching a cheap flight

Planning a business trip or holiday involves a lot of cheap flight research, car hire and hotel booking - but don't overlook these eight important tasks that, if forgotten, can quickly blow through the savings you made on the flight ticket.
Eight things to remember before catching a cheap flight

1. Fully charge your electronics

Domestic flights to Cape Town may only be a couple of hours flying time, but the journey to and from airports and the waiting time before flight departure can easily add a few extra hours to the trip. Leave enough time to charge up cell phones, laptops and tablets for uninterrupted connection.

2. Empty all your bins

The last thing you should do is empty the bins and replace the bin bags before you leave the house. Something as innocuous as a piece of fruit peel can cause a terrible smell after just a couple of days of fermentation.

3. Tell a neighbour the house will be empty

A neighbour who knows that you’ll be away will be suspicious of movement on or around your property, and can quickly alert authorities if something looks suspicious.

4. Get rid of meat in your freezer

Avoid a self-imposed power cut by topping up pre-paid electricity, and in case of load shedding or a municipal power problem while you are away, make sure there is no meat in your fridge or freezer. Meat that defrosts and then refreezes during a power outage can become dangerously contaminated.

5. Water your plants

For longer holidays ask a neighbour to water them for you or set up a drip feed system. For shorter trips, make sure that they have enough water to survive while you’re away by topping them up before you leave.

6. Check-in online

If you book a cheap domestic flight you can check-in online to avoid queues. A boarding pass will be sent to you to download and show from your mobile phone at security checks. When you get to the airport go directly to the Bag Drop line for checked-in baggage, or go straight to the boarding gates if you are only carrying hand luggage.

7. Make certified copies of important documents

You only need identity documents to board a domestic flight, but if you lose your bag or wallet you won’t be able to board your flight home without a form of identification. Certified copies of identification that are kept separately will save you a lot of stress in the event of loss or theft of the original.

8. Check your weather app

Cape Town can experience all four seasons in one day! Your departure city could have a completely different weather pattern to your destination. Your cheap flight to Cape Town could become costly if you find you have to buy a couple of cool t-shirts or a warm jersey when you arrive.

Lastly, never leave pets alone for more than a single day without someone checking on them, replacing their food and water and giving them some attention. Dogs in particular, but also cats, get extremely stressed and can hurt themselves or get sick without regular human contact.


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5 Jan 2018 17:06