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Pre-travel tips for a stress-free trip

South Africa's very own low-cost airline, FlySafair, recently won an OAG award for the most on-time airline in the world in 2017. When planning a trip, most consumers want a low-cost option that will reliably get them to their destination in order to ensure a stress-free travel experience. Safair's award has proven that their customers get what they want, as they planned.
Pre-travel tips for a stress-free trip

There are some things however, that an airline just can’t do to ensure that your trip goes smoothly. Travelling either locally or internationally should be a positive experience, but for many people a dream trip can turn into a nightmare without proper planning before departure. Taking the time to plan accordingly once you have made your domestic flight bookings, can help prevent problems, or at least properly equip you to deal with any that may arise.

Make lists of everything

Travelling requires very careful planning, and taking the time to write comprehensive lists might just save you untold drama. Plan your journey ahead and write lists to keep you on track of what is needed. Compile a complete packing list, then a list of items you still need to buy for the trip to save you having to buy unnecessary items that may not even be available at your destination.

Make sure that you have a checklist of all airport and airline documentation requirements (departures and destinations). For example, international visa requirements and valid identification which is required travel on all domestic flights such as FlySafair. Check whether you need a different adapter for your electric shaver, hairdryer and mobile device chargers.

Stay healthy on your trip

Always see your doctor before travelling to another country and ask whether vaccinations are required. Take a list of what’s in your medical kit to make sure that it’s sufficiently stocked with essentials. Protect yourself with a travel insurance policy that covers you for the places you’ll be visiting and the activities you might be doing. Fill your prescriptions to cover the trip as well as extras to cover any unforeseen circumstances, like an unforeseen delayed flight home.

Make copies of important items including contacts

Don’t just keep emergency numbers on your phone. Make sure you have two printed lists of contacts and keep one in your luggage and another in your wallet, to avoid being stranded if you lose access to your phone. Make sure you have the number of your country’s embassy too. At the same time, copy your passport, credit cards, and other important documents. Keep them in separate places so that if they are lost they can be easily replaced.

Don’t get stuck without any money

Know your budget. Travel always comes with a number of extra expenses that aren’t considered with a main budget. Small necessities like buying meals and drinks at the airport or on low-cost domestic flights can take a chunk out of your travel budget. Find out about travel cards and exchange rates. Do your research as some options can save you a lot of unnecessary spending. It also helps to be knowledgeable about rates to avoid being ripped off.

Always phone your bank and let them know that you will be travelling before you leave, especially if you are using your credit card overseas. If the bank sees international transactions and have not been made aware of your travel plans they may freeze your accounts. Do the same with your cell phone service provider. Some international phone charges are astronomically huge. You’ll save yourself a fright when you get home to the bill.

Lastly, expect the best but prepare for the worst. This doesn’t mean your trip will be doomed. It means that whatever happens, you’ll be ready instead of sorry.

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7 Nov 2017 12:58