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Four effective habits of a corporate millennial traveller

Corporate travel is slowly being owned by a generation who are shifting the work trend away from 9-to-5 office jobs and into a fast-paced technological era.
Four effective habits of a corporate millennial traveller

Gone are the days of scheduled meetings. Today’s business travel is arranged on the spur of the moment and deals can be made across the country in a single day. Corporate travel is no longer what it used to be, thanks to these four effective travel habits of corporate millennials.

  1. They book their own flights. Booking a domestic flight to Johannesburg from Cape Town on Mango Airlines, for example, is as easy as booking a restaurant for a client dinner. The days of travel agents and secretaries doing that type of work are numbered. Young CEOs book their own flights at a time that is most convenient to them on an airline with the cheapest flights. It takes less time than it does to explain that to someone else.

  2. Millennials expect more from an airlines loyalty programme. According to 2013 research into the business travel habits of millennials, global management consultants, BCG, reported that although only 28% of millennials fly for business as opposed to 45% of their older counterparts, they still spend an equal amount on travel. This is because they value their own well-being and will pay for more legroom or in-flight entertainment on long-haul flights. However, they are also very careful about their choice of rewards programme. Upgrades are less appealing than discounted flights as a reward, and an expiry date on points are not appealing to the young business traveller, at all. Millennials also have little loyalty to an airline if they deem another airline's rewards system or global partner list to be superior.
  3. They check-in online. Traffic is a nightmare, the meeting about the presentation you’re supposed to make to the client when you arrive ran overtime and now you’re going to be late. Fly Mango Airlines and check-in closes 40 minutes before boarding. On others, its half an hour. Some airlines allow a few extra minutes’ leeway if a passenger has no baggage and is already checked-in online. Crises averted for the few extra minutes it takes to download a boarding pass.
  4. Millennials have no problem mixing business with pleasure. Work-life balance was almost unheard of 20 years ago. Holidays were mostly reserved for retirement. Yet millennials that travel for business are often adding an extra few days to their trip to see the sights or visit friends and relatives. This may seem like laziness to the pre-90’s generation of workers, but it actually benefits both the traveller and the business. Less time is spent away from the office in chunks of leave, millennials are far more willing to put in some hours working remotely during their time off, and money is saved on flights and accommodation.
  5. Four effective habits of a corporate millennial traveller

    With the rise of self-made millennial millionaires, there is no era more relevant to the catchphrase “time is money”, especially when it comes to catching cheap domestic flights to secure new deals or visit offices in other provinces.


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7 Sep 2017 13:35