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MamaMagic: A constant platform in the ever-evolving world of parenting

Public relations guru Matt von Hoven describes millennial parents as “savvier than ever before” and “facing a barrage of information about how to parent”. These discerning parents carry information in the palm of their hands, with friends, family members and expert opinions at their fingertips, all because of the digital era we live in. Exhibitions like MamaMagic, The Baby Expo, are becoming a vital means for humanising brands.
MamaMagic: A constant platform in the ever-evolving world of parenting

MamaMagic exhibition director Warren Murray explains that “humanising brands is pivotal in an era in which millennials want to know that brands have the same values that they do. Just like you trusted the person you looked in the eye and shook hands with, millennial parents want the very same from the brands they purchase. Our exhibition, MamaMagic, is the prime platform that brands of all sizes can use to connect with their consumers and get real ‘FaceTime’.”

An article written for the Huffington Post by Hervey Sedkey confirms this. Sedkey emphasises: “We are 25 years into the revolution in digital technology; and yet, perhaps counter-intuitively, the most effective way to conduct business is still the most analogue method in history – a face-to-face meeting. How else to explain the increasing popularity of the classic trade show (exhibition), where people gather in giant exhibition halls to meet and take each other’s pulse – live and in person?” This builds a sought-after level of trust between a brand and consumer. Not only does MamaMagic, The Baby Expo serve the brands exhibiting but consumers too.

Murray explains that “today’s parents face an extraordinary phenomenon… Access to information unlike any parenting generation has seen before. An exhibition like MamaMagic gives parents an opportunity to interact with brands in person which helps them make informed purchasing decisions from a first-hand interaction experience, rather than through mere information that they have read about.” MamaMagic, The Baby Expo not only gives brands an opportunity to humanise themselves, but bring the expert and the eager to learn parent together under one roof.

Prior to an exhibition of this nature, parents were likely to meet experts based on having a need and paying the professional for their services. MamaMagic, The Baby Expo has created a distinctive platform where parents can interact with experts from across the pregnancy, baby and parenting fields, further strengthening immediate and future decisions that parents make. Similarly, MamaMagic has carved a unique space where brands are able to go to their market, identify and meet their specific needs and correctly position their brand.

While the millennial parent may have unprecedented access to information, MamaMagic, The Baby Expo gives exhibitors the opportunity to go directly to their market, rather than merely waiting for consumers to contact them. Their presence enhances brand awareness and gives them the opportunity to find innovative means to meet customer needs. While exhibiting at MamaMagic gives brands the opportunity to generate targeted and worthwhile business leads, parents and brands build a trust between one another that creates a deep sense of loyalty.

Cutting through the noise of the 21st century, MamaMagic, The Baby Expo influences parenting spaces and has carved a much-needed entry into the world of parenting as well as created room for brand and consumer needs be met.

Brands can be part of the magic by booking a stand for the upcoming 2017 exhibitions by contacting az.oc.cigamamam@selas

10 Apr 2017 11:22