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Primedia unmasks a whole new world - and it is a dazzling place

The lyrics of the world-famous song, A Whole New World by Zayn and Zhavia Ward, provide a window into the future of the Primedia Group; "I can show you the world... A whole new world... A new fantastic point of view. A dazzling place."
Primedia unmasks a whole new world - and it is a dazzling place

Tuesday’s Prime-X super event was a magic carpet ride for the audience as Primedia’s Group CEO Jonathan Procter spelt out the group’s 2025 vision. The gala affair, held in Sandton, and attended by Anele and the Club, Afternoon Drive’s Thando, the industry’s crème de le crème, Primedia’s executive staff, partners, and clients, was a long-awaited burst of fresh air and a highly welcomed celebration after the world restraints of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The evening was a ‘shining, shimmering and splendid’ affair as Procter passionately spoke on how the future is a whole new world for those who invest in and actively participant in collaboration and innovation. Procter is clear on where the group is headed and how to get there. The man at the helm of Primedia unveiled a growth strategy for Primedia which is firmly rooted on an acute understanding of the media horizon. Procter said, “We are cognizant of the ever-changing and evolving South African and global media landscape, and we recognise the seismic shifts in market tectonics, and we have fully embraced this whole new world.” The new world, according to Procter, will be a cosmos of collaboration and innovation. “If we don’t innovate and create and collaboration, we will be left behind. We have to re-invent ourselves continuously to stay relevant.”

The new world of Primedia will see it becoming a hot house of radio, television, and video content, within and beyond South Africa and the eight African countries in which the group operates. For Procter, investing in and actively participating in the “new world of global creative genius,” and “brilliantly curated content” will ensure that Primedia continues to enthrall and build audiences for years to come.

The audience at the Prime-X event broke out in full cheer when it was announced that Primedia has acquired the rights to The Masked Singer, one of the world’s most popular television shows. The Masked Singer, a celebrity singing competition, where well known personalities perform under the cover of flamboyant costumes and facial masks to conceal their identities, has proved to be a winning formula which has attracted voluminous audiences worldwide.

Procter announced, to the delight of the audience, that “We (Primedia) have bought the exclusive rights to one of the world’s biggest shiny floor shows which we will co-produce with our very own Anele and her production company Rose and Oaks”. The partnership between Primedia and Anele Mdoda’s multimedia company will see the show tailored for local audiences and will be broadcast in three languages.

This is just a taste of things to come. Other Primedia new world innovations include bringing other top international shows to South Africa, including a South African version of Deal or No Deal in collaboration with local television players. The group will always be exploring talk of the town opportunities in partnership with global players and competitors. The development of indigenous language news and content is high on the Primedia broadcasting agenda as is high technology, futurist inspired mall and mobile advertising in the retail space, for its outdoor operations. And this is just part of Primedia’s new world.

“We don’t want to be Spotify, or You Tube or Twitter or TicTok or Facebook or Instagram or Netflix or Disney", Procter says, “but we can make and own the compelling content that those platforms need so desperately if they want to be relevant on this continent. We know how to tell our stories in ways that resonate with the audiences of South Africa and Africa. This content also has massive relevance for global audiences and is in very, very short supply at the moment, so Primedia is well positioned to leverage its skills in market demanding local content. The appetite for content from Africa is going to grow exponentially as more and more of our music and our stories find their rightful place in the global demand for compelling content that delivers accretive audiences.”

The Group’s vision is crystal clear, and as the lyric of the song goes, “Through an endless diamond sky. A whole new world (don't you dare close your eyes). A hundred thousand things to see (hold your breath, it gets better). With new horizons to pursue.” For Primedia, it looks as if the best of times lies ahead.

2 Sep 2022 11:30