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Phi version 2.0 - The golden ratio

After a successful three years, Phi which simultaneously mentored and encouraged a young director to find her own, Jonathan Parkinson has ventured once again into the relatively unknown to forge a new partnership, taking his 30-plus years of experience in commercials and merging it with a young, talented director, Matshepo Maja.
Phi version 2.0 - The golden ratio
Matshepo Maja, an up-and-coming director, sure isn’t new to the industry having eight years of production experience in both local and international commercials. Matshepo first entered the industry as a junior commercials director at a Cape Town-based service production company after having graduated at ADFA Jhb with a BA in directing and writing. It was only after being awarded her first Brand TVC for MTN Zambia at the mere age of 24, that her client base grew to the likes of Standard Bank, Zurich Insurance and Unilever Global for Pacific 7 London. Eventually this experience earned her spot as a second unit director on an international commercial for Fortune Promo 7 Middle East. Matshepo always knew her passion lay in directing since a young girl, and finally the right opportunity has come for her to fully follow her dream.

This directing duo are opposites in many respects: yin and yang (male and female), black and white, youth and experience. Together they stand for the same things as they join forces as the new Phi. They share the same inspirations with the aims to create both a strong visual aesthetic that pushes the boundaries and injects emotionally charged performances that drive the story forward.

Phi is positioned well to make a distinctive mark and add a unique flavour to the scripts they receive by approaching assignments from both their different world perspectives and experiences and finding the magical middle where both worlds collide. It is within that sweet spot where the possibilities are endless, where they find that thing that makes their approach and style distinctive from the rest.

What is Phi?

The greek letter phi (pronounced as ‘pie’) represents the golden ratio and is mathematically written as 1.618 (recurring). It is the symbol of divine proportion with its application to yield pleasing and harmonious proportions. Both Jonathan and Matshepo’s unity are symbolised by this harmonious ratio that is both opposing and equal in strength. Although the duo is made up of two individuals, as brand Phi they are one mind, one voice, one vision.

25 Sep 2018 11:53