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Cindy Lee becomes a Star

Incredibly talented female director Cindy Lee has joined our stable to ruffle some feathers and show the boys how it's done!
Cindy Lee becomes a Star

Cindy Lee has always been a storyteller, since her days as copywriter with TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris, to now bringing other writers' scripts to life as a director with Star Films. A passion for creating beautifully crafted characters, paired with her industry experience as a creative, means she's a force to be reckoned with. Oh, and she's a pretty damn good director too, just ask Ellen Degeneres...

Having been instrumental in creating some of the most iconic characters on our screens, Cindy comments: "I will give up my whole art direction budget, my whole wardrobe budget, just to make sure I get the right cast. You have to start there. Everything hangs on an actor, everything. You can have the most incredible script, but if you've got a bad actor, forget it."

Contact the Star Films team to get Cindy on to your next job.

Cindy Lee becomes a Star
Cindy Lee becomes a Star

29 Jan 2018 10:54