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Phi and KFC show that big boys do cry!

Directing duo Jonathan Parkinson and Nicole Ackermann, better known as Phi, have just released their latest piece for KFC Mauritius.
Phi and KFC show that big boys do cry!

This story, set in the highly competitive world of football, confronts the issue of how we tell our children that “big boys don't cry”, and in society boys/men are often pressured into suppressing their emotions. After telling his son “Big boys don't cry” throughout his life - the irony is that it is the father who cries at the end, as he cannot contain his pride when his son scores the winning goal in the Republic cup final.

It is gritty, real, and smacks of life at the lower end of the income bracket. This commercial shows life in a Creole community, and is reminiscent of the ‘Favelas' in South America. Hard and uncompromising, and that is how the father must be if his son is to make it in this tough, competitive world of football.

Phi and KFC show that big boys do cry!

The piece was shot on location in Mauritius and the team specifically chose locations based on absolute realism of Creole communities, with minimal art department requirements. Honesty and integrity of the real environments was paramount in selecting their locations.

With an amazing agency and client not placing any restrictions on their approach, the team were able to portray this rarely seen side of Mauritian life, in a textured and authentic piece, which brings out the strength of the concept and allows creativity to flow to its maximum and achieve this highly emotive commercial for KFC.

Within the first 24 hours of release, the piece had been viewed over 250,000 times in Mauritius alone and the response has been outstanding for the duo.

Phi and KFC show that big boys do cry!

Phi have always chosen scripts based on their merit and potential and can truthfully say all their work produced in the last 18 months have been has been put on their showreel.

From their level of work, we can clearly see that this co-directing duo is producing fresh and a real alternative to traditional choices in the current market.

Go to to view this piece and some of their other work.

Agency - Circus Advertising
Agency Creatives - Fabrice Thevenet & Wassim Sookia
Directors - PHI
Production - Fatdog Productions
DOP - Jamie Ramsay
Editor - Graham Smith
Post Facility - Orchestra Blue

31 Mar 2017 11:42