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The Star Film Company amongst the stars

Star Films director Tristan Holmes teamed up with Network BBDO to shoot the latest TV campaign for Coronation - If Your Money Came Easy. Shot over seven days, the job was a resounding success, claiming a spot as a finalist for Best Directing Craft at the 2016 Cannes Lions Awards in the Television category.
Holmes and Star Films are honoured to have been shortlisted in the same Cannes Lions category as internationally acclaimed directors Martin de Thurah from Epoch Films who received a Grand Prix, and Daniel Wolfe and Frederic Planchon from Anonymous Content who received Gold Awards. Star congratulates these well-deserved wins!

Commenting on the achievement, Holmes said, "It's a massive compliment to be shortlisted alongside some of the best directors in the world, it is something I never expected and am incredibly grateful for the mention, but really the work itself, the talented people from the agency and crew alike really made this project special for me.”

He went on to describe the uniqueness of the campaign and how it all came together to create the shot worthy of the accolades it received: “We embarked on doing something different from the ground up, and it really worked. Doing something new in an industry so often mired by approvals and expectations, people really have to trust you and in turn you really have to trust your crew. We steered clear of overwrought filmmaking and sought instead to be light, to be irreverent, and to really climb into ideas from a 'how it should feel' direction as opposed to 'how should it look'. It's not necessarily the right approach for all jobs but for Coronation it really allowed us to hit the right emotional notes, and this is why I think it has been so celebrated."

Not only this, but the spot also received great praise from Pepe Marais of Joe Public, who awarded it the Best Commercial of the month for May 2016 under the Best of Reel.

To see the commercial as well as the 3 short films for Coronation, visit

25 Jul 2016 10:43