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Europlaw Group Incorporated to benefit in Credit Enhancement Program of Ithuba Group

Europlaw Group and Ithuba Group entered into an advisory appointment arrangement for the specific purpose to benefit from a "Credit Enhancement Program". Ithuba Credit Corporation Ltd issued a Medium Term Note (MTN) to Blackstone Resources AG. Please visit:
Ithuba Credit Corporation instructed Blackstone Resources Ltd to re-issue a MTN to Europlaw Group Incorporated (acting as the paymaster for the Group) in the amount of USD 50,000,000.00 (Fifty Million United States Dollars) with an unsecured debt at a fixed coupon rate (interest rate) of five percent (5%) for a period of five (5) years. Blackstone Resources AG, which is listed on the Stock Exchange in Switzerland (BLS:SWX), and Europlaw Group Incorporated entered into a “Term Sheet” agreement on the 24 June 2019. The Credit Enhancement Program, led by Ithuba Group, will facilitate the fund requirements of Europlaw Group of Companies needed for their global Project(s) in their different structures of divisions namely; (1) Paymaster & Escrow, (2) Offshore Protected Cell Structure Platform, (3) Legal Advisory Services, (4) Setting up different Operational Funds, (5) Certain identified operations in the African Continent & Europe & Asia, (6) possible Offshore Banking Platforms, (7) Real Estate, (8) Accounting, (9) project funding in the power & renewable energy sector and Rural & Humanitarian sectors (Consultancy & training). The Credit Enhancement Private Placement within the global economic area aims to qualify Investors Worldwide under private Agreement to be with Europlaw Group through the creation of a Medium-Term Note (MTN) Program, which will allow Europlaw Group Incorporated to raise funds for their group of companies developments.

According to the MTN program, Europlaw Group Incorporated will be able to place this Ithuba Group debt securities, maturing in five (5) years with rolls & extensions, within the foreign market and obtain more cost effective financing, according to market analysts. The agreement between Europlaw Group Incorporated and Ithuba Group can validate its capacity to finance their different operational structures. This will provide Europlaw Group with greater financial flexibility to support its growth and development of its above mentioned structures and projects and the promotion of its high-impact institutional projects, always considering long-term assets held under concessions, that will certainly help to extend the maturity profile of the company's debt & financing plan worldwide. By diversifying its funding sources, Europlaw Group through Ithuba Group of Companies continues to rely on the solid relationships it has developed with its historic banking and financing associates. This issue of Private Placement Bonds was offered by Ithuba for the benefit of Europlaw Group of Companies.

About Ithuba Credit Corporation

Ithuba Credit Corporation Ltd. operates as a Financing Institution. The Company offers an Asset and Loan Management Platform that provides Credit and Risk Management solutions and Loan services. Ithuba Credit Corporation Ltd. serves clients on a global scale. For more information, please visit

About Europlaw Group

Europlaw Group is established in several countries and is a member of the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LAWYERS (UIA), situated in Paris, France and a member of the GLOBAL LAW EXPERTS, situated in London, England. The holdings of the group is based in London, United Kingdom. The operational headquarters is based in the Republic of South Africa. By the senior partner concept, where lawyers, escrow agents, auditors, advocates, investment bankers, accountants, psychological profilers and real estate-experts work together in competent teams, Europlaw Group as a holding company grows continuously, adding new professional partners in new locations globally.

Europlaw Group is a boutique consultancy and transaction company focused on the implementation of capital markets, escrow agent, paymaster, project funding, monetization, merger & acquisitions transactions for medium-sized and larger firms. The group’s core strategy is based on a partnership concept through which experts from the fields of legal advice, asset management, paymaster, escrow services, fiduciary, psychological profiling, audit and tax advice deliver their services.

Europlaw Group launched their new marketing campaign in both United Kingdom and the Republic of South Africa, offering legal advisory services, legal insurance cover, and accounting & forensic services to our clients worldwide.

Europlaw Group provides an offshore international financial trading platform (protected cell structure for re-fencing assets), hosting special purpose vehicles (SPV), public-private partnership (PPP), project funding projects for investors, governments, banks, pension funds, hedge funds and our investors have the confidence of legal protected structures that are regulated by the applicable authorities. For more information, please visit

Europlaw Group

500 Botterklapper Street, Office@Nature, Unit C4
Republic of South Africa
Contact Person: Mr Andre Vorster – Director
T: +2712 8071145
F: +2786 6100919
Email address: moc.walporue@retsrov

Company Name: Ithuba Credit Corporation

Level 85, One World Trade Centre, Suite
New York, 10007NY
United States of America
Contact Person: Mr Hannes van Niekerk – Compliance Manager
T: +2782 9531989
Email address: moc.puorgabuhti@sennah

1 Oct 2019 17:37