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Europlaw Nigeria and Menes Konsult unveil polygraph and other business services in Africa

Europlaw Group, based in the Republic of South Africa, and Menes Konsult of the United States are currently operating in Abuja, Federal Republic of Nigeria. It trades as Europlaw Nigeria Limited and is a member of Europlaw Group Incorporated - member of The International Association of Lawyers situated in Paris, France.
Europlaw Nigeria and Menes Konsult unveil polygraph and other business services in Africa
Europlaw Group of South Africa and Menes Konsult of the United States recently unveiled a boutique of new services and business solutions in Africa. The two firms operate a joint-venture partnership out of their offices in Abuja, Nigeria.

Arrangements have been concluded to begin offering polygraph examinations (also known as lie detection tests) through a network of certified polygraph examiners. These services will be offered throughout Africa for pre-employment screenings, embezzlement detection, employee theft detection, fraud detection, corruption detection, infidelity, examination malpractices, drug/alcohol abuse, criminal investigations, business disputes, etc.

In a statement, the principal partner, Attorney N. Jude Menes (United States), remarked that polygraph examinations have been validated and backed by years of scientific research. They observed that accuracy rates of polygraph examinations are better than most common forms of identification/detection, including eye witness identifications and fingerprints.

Attorney Menes stated that polygraph examinations are routinely used in most advanced countries for pre-employment screenings of government employees, law enforcement and security personnel, pharmaceutical company employees, power generation company employees, retail employees, and other sensitive positions where theft, corruption/embezzlement, and abuse of power may occur. He observed that although there are a few polygraph examiners currently in Africa, most of them do not use scientifically validated techniques recognised by world-renowned organisations such as the American Polygraph Association. He stated that examiners within his firm's network were trained in American Polygraph Association-accredited schools and use only techniques recognised by the organisation.

In addition to polygraph examination services, Europlaw Group has signed a strategic partnership agreement with IFX (UK) Limited, an international foreign firm in England and Wales. IFX is approved by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Authorised Electronic Money Institution under the 2011 Electronic Money Regulations to issue electronic money (900517) in the United Kingdom. Both IFX and Europlaw will be managing currency exposures as a specialised discipline involving complex strategies by professionals engaged in, and dedicated to, the volatile foreign exchange markets. Based on this partnership, Europlaw Group is able to provide the following services to clients:
  • Foreign currency payments platform (for provision of worldwide trading services);
  • Paymaster services in designated countries;
  • Forex trading;
  • Swift payments;
  • Trading systems and dedicated accounts management;
  • Optimised foreign exchange services;
  • Management of foreign currency transactions;
  • Prompt and secure international payments from Europlaw Group’s escrow account.
Europlaw Group’s Holding Company is located in London, United Kingdom, while its operation head office is in South Africa. In addition, the Group maintains offices in the United States, Nigeria, Mauritius, United Arab Emirates, Botswana, New Zealand, and Cyprus. The Group is in the process of opening offices in Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, and Guangzhou (China). Please visit our at

Europlaw Group’s corporate video may be viewed at

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27 Jun 2017 11:08