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Europlaw Group Incorporated, situated in the Republic of South Africa and the United Kingdom, has in-house attorneys, lawyers, advocates, auditors, legal advisors, fund managers and accountants that offer a variety of services. These services include international business law, legal and financial advisory services, escrow and paymaster services. We operate from the United Kingdom, the Republic of South Africa, United States of America, Republic of Nigeria, Dubai and the Republic of Mauritius.
As our client you will receive individual, comprehensive and well-founded advice in all areas of national and international business law.

Europlaw Group employs lawyers, auditors, investment bankers, escrow agents and real estate experts who work hand in hand. This offers you in depth, concentrated know-how for almost all types of business and legal cases. Europlaw Group is known for their integrity, dedication, experience and ambition, as Europlaw Group requires the best and most dedicated service from each of the lawyers in our group.

The partners and senior partners of Europlaw Lawyers are experienced lawyers specialising in different areas of expertise. The legal advisors and notaries are lawyers that have vast experience and are experts in their field. Most of the partners have many years of professional experience. By combining our proximity to the corporate world and our excellent legal expertise, Europlaw Lawyers can get more done for you - in all industries and all areas of the law, both in the region as well as internationally.

The satisfaction and the success of our clients is the most important benchmark that determines the quality of our work. We focus on tailor-made concepts and individual solutions - at a fair price.

As a client of Europlaw Lawyers, you participate in a cross-border industry and legal expertise as well as experience in dynamic key markets in countries such as Europe, Africa, USA, Russia, China, India and South America, Latin America. Many of our clients operate industry-related globally and are multicultural. Europlaw Group emphasises pronounced specialisation on specific industries for the largest sectors of the economy. We believe that the combination of professional expertise in business law and special knowledge regarding the industry is indispensable for the implementation of efficient services and for improving the quality of the advice given. The international network of partners and senior partners means that we are positioned internationally, yet you can always reach us locally.

We are experienced enough to know that this is not the place for the proverbial "one man band". In light thereof, we have established a worldwide footprint, with offices in the United Kingdom, Dubai, United States of America, South Africa, Mauritius and Nigeria. There is a worldwide team of dedicated professionals at the disposal of our clients on a 24-hour international basis.

The Holding Company of the group is based in London - United Kingdom, with its operative headquarters located in South Africa. Europlaw is focused on the implementation and provision of capital market services, escrow agent services, paymaster services, project funding and financing. We also focus on provision of financial instruments and advisory, monetisation of assets and financial instruments, as well as merger and acquisitions transactions.

The group's core strategy is based on the concept of reputable and intelligent partnerships and alliances. Through these, experts within the fields of law, business, asset management, project management, project funding and financing, paymaster services, escrow services, fiduciary, and audit and tax advisory, deliver excellent services to clients at reasonable and competitive rates. The group's senior partner structure allows seasoned and experienced lawyers, escrow agents, auditors, advocates, investment bankers, accountants, financial advisors, and real estate experts to work together in competent teams for successful operations in locations worldwide.

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