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Global Access a proud IPTV Systems Integrator

Global Access is very proud to announce that it has officially been appointed as an accredited Multichoice IPtv Systems Integrator. With the company's close relationship with Multichoice and its current digital signage products already incorporating DStv, Global Access feels confident that IPtv is the next big digital trend to take South Africa by storm - and the benefits of this technology for corporate companies are enormous.
Global Access a proud IPTV Systems Integrator
In one of our previous articles we discuss what IPtv is...

IPtv, or Internet Protocol Television, refers to video content that is distributed over an IP network. This IP network is the same kind of network people use to surf the internet and exchange emails. More and more companies have realised that IPtv could enable them to distribute more than just television content, thereby giving them a new communication tool.

An IPtv system deployed within a business or corporate environment enables hundreds of channels with video content to be viewed on an unlimited number of TVs, PCs and Tablets connected to their existing data network.

So now you might ask, "What gives IPtv an advantage over current digital or over the air TV signals?"

- Benefits of IPtv:
    - Content can be HD format
    - Create a 'virtual' TV channel with locally stored content that can be played according to a playlist, enabling you to have a dedicated channel for your organisational messages alone
    - Set top box control allowing specific channels to be played at specific times
    - Portal customisation allowing individualised design and interface layouts
    - Ability to take external AV feeds and distribute across the network e.g CCTV cameras, Conference video cameras etc
    - Video on Demand functionality (Pay per view)
    - Integration into hotel billing information system
- Technical benefits of IPtv:
    - Most organisations already have a building or campus IP network capable of supporting video, making IPtv an incremental cost with a tremendous potential ROI and ROO.
    - Building IPtv allows the addition of new sources and users anywhere there is a network connection without picture degradation, for greater flexibility and scalability
    - IPtv's scalability and ease of management promotes the rapid rollout of new TV, video and broadband services across the whole organisation in response to opportunities
    - Bringing external TV and radio in through LAN rather than via internet saves costly internet bandwidth and preserves it for critical business use
    - With Building IPtv all internet access to streaming content can be blocked at firewall for greater security and regulatory compliance
    - Granular control of content access by group or user enhances security and regulatory compliance
    - Building IPtv multicasting technology makes better use of LAN bandwidth for a faster ROI on network bandwidth investments
    - Any PC can be converted easily into a TV with IPtv software that recognises the content on the network, immediately expanding the reach of organisational TV and video assets
So now you might ask, "What industries would particularly use an IPtv network?"

Just a few examples of industries IPtv are best suited for is:
  • Corporates: IPtv in large and small companies enables the delivery of real-time news to inform decision makers, broadcast to staff desktops and distribute company information in public areas. Added benefits are that training can be delivered to staff via this platform as well. The ability to broadcast to desktops reduce absenteeism during staff communication or events by supplying live feeds to desktops and common areas.

  • Manufacturing: Use live video feeds from the factory floor for staff supervision via CCTV cameras and remote quality control inspections. Entertain staff with live sport updates, current news feeds or to display their own internal communication messages.

  • Healthcare: Give patients access to television at their bedsides. Display relative hospital information in reception and waiting areas, or record procedures and operations for training. Staff can access the network on Ipads as well to make certain inspection duties easier and quicker to record and analyse.

  • Hospitality & Leisure: Provide guests with in-room entertainment with the latest TV, news and films. Stream content to conference facilities, show added facilities and services in restaurants and hotel bars and generate revenue by advertising room service and leisure facilities.
The possibilities are endless, and so are the types of environments IPtv can be incorporated into. Global Access makes sure it understands its clients' needs in order to maximise their digital platforms and reach their objectives. The company would thereby gladly assist you in any questions you might have, and can assist also in the strategic planning for your organisation in implementing IPtv.

7 Aug 2013 10:04


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