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5 innovative ways to extend the reach and impact of your event

You have received your brief for your client's event, and as per the norm, they want more for less. Less budget but... more people, more reach and definitely more impact.
5 innovative ways to extend the reach and impact of your event

This is common with many of the agencies and event companies we work with, and they often rely on us to come up with creative solutions to these challenges using the technology we have at our disposal. From our 25 years of broadcast and event based production experience, we have come up with the five innovative ways to extend the reach and impact of your event using digital technology.

The laws of multiplication

Extending an event to more people does not necessarily require having more people in the same space/place. By duplicating your single event into multiple simultaneous events you are still able to get the BIG impact you are after, without having too many people in one room. How does this work? By replicating the same event set up at multiple venues country-wide. Our team will then work closely with your team to ensure that the key message is broadcast to all the sites using satellite technology. This ensures that everyone at all the venues gets the same experience and access to the same content.


A key requirement when you’re trying to incorporate a number of venues is the interactivity. For a large Telco who wanted to have a massive shareholders meeting across the country in one day, we facilitated the live broadcast crossings between four sites, as well as ensured that shareholders in each venue could ask leadership their crucial questions, face-to-face using our camera satellite technology. Interactions don’t always have to be face-to-face though, so incorporating SMS, email, WhatsApp and social media, complete the audience engagement requirement.

Access to SME’s

For those in the know, SME’s or Subject Matter Experts are the guys on the ground with the most sought after knowledge. They are the people your client might want to fork out tons of money to engage. And as was the case with a live event we did last year, the SME was unable to attend the scheduled event due to poor weather in Europe, where he originated from. No problem. By using video technology, we were able to stream him into the event for his live presentation and Q&A with no hassles. If you want to take this to the next level though, consider what we did for one of the largest Consulting companies in the country who needed to have their expert from San Diego speak at their event, and wanted only the best quality on the screen. Using our satellite technology, we brought him into the room on one of the most beautiful curved video walls, in full HD. Talk about making an impact.

Stop forcing the technology to fit

Often times, we get requests from clients who insist on having cool technology in their event, and if there’s a place for holograms, virtual reality, touch screen tech etc, then great, but if not, do not force it. Making technology fit into your event for the sake of it looks unconvincing and can cause more chaos for your event. Sometimes, simpler is better. Focus on the message and let us worry about technology that suits your needs.

Get professional help

The impact of the show is as good as the team putting it together. When working with video and broadcast technology, enlist the right help and work with people who have experience in doing large scale events.

These are just some of the ways you can add value to your client’s event. For these and more ideas, please feel free to contact us at

13 Mar 2019 11:34


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