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Live broadcasting is an effective communication tool to improve staff engagement

According to Gallup Inc. - an American research-based, global performance-management consulting company - only 13% of the global workforce is engaged at work, leaving 87% of employees disengaged. Let us define engagement: engagement is about creating a healthy work environment in which employees feel passionate about their work and are fully committed to giving their best to the organisation. Work environments ought to be conducive to staff engagement by using effective communication tools and correct platforms, which will ensure effective and measurable engagement.
Technology provides opportunities to connect with a large audience in an organisation in real time by conducting live broadcasts. Broadcasting is beneficial when making important announcements to staff located at multiple sites. It is real-time content consumed by your audience as it is given. Many companies are taking advantage of this platform for internal communication purposes to launch new products or to release their business financial results. It is excellent for CEO/management live discussions, in order to align company values and strategy.

We all love the adrenalin rush that comes with watching a live feed. According to Salesforce, 81% of audiences watched more live video in 2016 than in 2015. This is seen with live sporting events on TV, where the audience are offered a more tangible experience, to feel everything as it happens. Our engaging and participative broadcast allows for the audience to SMS questions directly to the speaker, which appear on screen in real time.

Why should you consider a live broadcast?
  1. It is an immediate way to improve engagement levels with your staff and also afford the opportunity for management interaction with staff.
  2. Live broadcasting makes the experience of the staff real and exciting.
  3. It can incorporate training or live demonstrations, to help the audience better understand the information provided.
  4. No editing is necessary. Live broadcasting is the best way to give your staff personalised, and transparent information.
Global Access has the technology to offer you live broadcasting, using a private channel on DStv that offers you a controlled viewership to ensure that the message goes to an approved audience. We manage the smartcards to ensure that your communication is secured. We also offer remote streaming based on the requirements of the client, which also caters for mobile phone distribution. Through this platform, we empower our clients with the unlimited ability to create their own content.

We have helped large organisations such as Transnet, ABSA, Joburg Water and others, to use television broadcasting to communicate their organisational objectives. Our live broadcasts can be done from our studios or on site.

Let us enable you to effectively communicate with your staff through our engagement solutions.

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Live broadcasting is an effective communication tool to improve staff engagement

3 Jul 2018 12:43


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